Gladiator Heroes - Strategy and Fighting Game

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Author: Genera Games
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.3
Size: 67M
Version: 3.4.5
This is the ultimate fighting and strategy game. Heroes and gods will battle for glory in this best fighting and strategy video game. In an epic battle, you will fight with courage and fight for your blood. You can fight epic foes in this fighting and strategy game. You can play as warriors, fighters or gods like Thor and Xena. The Gods of Rome, heroes and warriors will conquer your enemy and rule the earth. It is where the greatest heroes and gods clash. You will be the greatest fighter at this Heroes clash. This addictive strategy and fighting video game allows you to play alongside the greatest gladiators and gods. The best strategy and fighting video games on the market include players such as Thor the god of war or Xena the warrior princess. This addictive strategy and fighting game is addictive. Join the top fighting fighters and fight against the gods. Only the most skilled Roman Empire fighters will win. Valor and glory are on the line. You are now ready to fight the enemy, so equip yourself with the most powerful weapons possible and win! Join the greatest gladiator warriors and become Mortal! Gladiator Heroes allows you to unlock the most powerful weapons and other resources. You can plan your strategy to defeat other fighters. You are Gladiator Heroes' protagonist. In this amazing fighting and strategy game, in addition to fighting against many enemies in an arena using different weapons, you also have the option of buying and selling fighters. In the most exciting fighting and strategy game, lead your fighter team into a thrilling fight against the empire. Create your strategy to defeat all enemies. Enjoy endless action in the online game mode. You can upgrade your combat troop and learn new fighting skills. Also, you will get all the weapons. In the most strategic fighting game, it's God versus Gladiator, Heroes versus Warriors, and many other fighters! Start your journey to becoming the Ultimate Gladiator for the Roman Empire by assembling a team! Gladiator Heroes is the ultimate hero, god, and warriors fighting game. It puts all the intensity and emotion of intense, visceral strategy combat in your hands. PLAY GLADIATOR HORIES, the ultimate fighting and strategy game. The fighting clans fight for dominance of the empire. You can organize your battle strategy and choose the right weapons for your attack. Amazing graphics will show you how to defeat enemies and fight your way through imposing coliseums. Multiplayer PvP with endless action against other fighters. You can fight non-stop in this strategy- and turn-based video game. Fight with your friends and choose the best fighter to win. It is possible to form powerful alliances. You can also build the most powerful alliances to support, heal and care for your fighters. This amazing fighting & strategy video game mixes strategy, blood and battles. It recreates the times of great Roman Empire fighters such as Thor the god of war or Xena the warrior princess. These are considered to be the true Gods of Rome. Get the top fighting and strategy game available and join gladiators from all over the globe to fight alongside heroes, gods and legend fighters! Download it right now and enjoy the most popular fighting and strategy games: Gladiator Heroes Game Fighting and Strategy Game. Gladiator Heroes Fighting & Strategy is a free strategy and action game. However, you can also buy items to make real money.
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