A Kiss from Death: Anime Otome Virtual Boyfriend

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Author: Genius Inc
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.8
Size: 19M
Version: 2.0.6
You are given new eyes to see that the planet again but not everything is as it appears. You take on the role of the heroine and encounter a romance with grim reapers! Story Your life will be peaceful till you are mixed up with a mysterious accident that takes away the ability to see. After receiving a cornea transplant from the father who is a highly skilled physician and regaining your eyesight, it feels as though you are on the road to recovery. Nevertheless, your new eyes possess an unusual ability to see evil spirits. In the procedure for running away from an evil soul, you experience three handsome strangers that save you and claim themselves to become grim reapers. Knowing that your newfound abilities could cost you your own life, they offer you security as live-in bodyguards?! Are you going to allow yourself be protected by the grim reapers and uncover the secrets behind your own eyes? Characters Jasper With the physique of an athlete but the personality of a dog, Jasper regularly puts himself in trouble even if he doesnt mean . Tyler Calm, cool, and collected, Tyler tends to fight Jasper because of the polarity of their personalities. He is not afraid to state his opinions even at the price of others and comes off as somewhat arrogant. Tyler will tease you for every reason imaginable with a smug expression on his face, however, will you be able to find his weakness and discover a way into his heart? Anders Anders is the leader of this trio of grim reapers. His calm disposition is the secret to breaking conflicts between Tyler and Jasper that are constantly at each other throats. Could there be something else behind his grin? Killian You have been in love with Killian for as long as you can remember. He understands all of the good and bad about you, and you also fear that he could still view you as a small girl. However, you still want to have to know him as greater than the usual fathers assistant and it looks like he might want the same?!
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