Ultimate Lion Simulator 2

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Author: Gluten Free Games LLC
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.3
Size: Varies with device
Version: 1.2
Take on the life span of our most realistic lion in the sequel to the most popular animal simulators of time! Explore a crazy world teeming with stunningly realistic plants and animals alike. Meet other lions at the savanna and reside together, raise your loved ones, hunt for food, and become the most powerful lion pride wager in the world! HYPER REALISTIC SIMULATION The savanna has never been alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your lions appetite and hunger from the most detailed world weve ever created! NEW ALERT SYSTEM Sneak your way through the tall grass of the savanna to preventing alerting nearby animals and providing them a head start trying to escape you! Animal AI is more intelligent and quicker than ever before! NEW BATTLE SYSTEM Omnidirectional dodge system provides a new level of skill to your conflicts! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and prevent damage! NEW RELATIONSHIP SYSTEM Construct deeper bonds with your lions through the new relationship and character system. Your pride recognizes heroic and affectionate acts that will change the relationships between lions. Gain bonuses out of synergetic lions hunting together! EXPANDED PRIDE Have up to TEN lions within your pride! Seek out friendly lions and pass their struggles to recruit them to your pack! Play as your new lions to help them level up and improve relations with other family members! BABY AND TEEN LIONS A brand-new age makes increasing your cubs more real! Breed lion cubs that will grow into teenagers and eventually complete grown members of your clan! NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS Introducing expanded animal customization selections for fine-tuning your lion's look! Alter physical features like height and ear size to accentuate a lion's character! Overcome the power of sunlight, pulverize powerful plants, and shred the shifting sands in progressively difficult tests of your reflexes and time! UPGRADE STATS AND SKILLS Gain expertise and level up your lions to unlock stat bonuses and special skills! Skills will provide specialized lion skills like healing, monitoring, and battle strength! NEW DEN CRAFTING Collect stuff to decorate and update your dens and make life for your lions better! Building animal cubes can offer your package with a guaranteed yummy snack in the evenings! MASSIVE OPEN WORLD SAVANNA We have done away with ancestral forests, and have rather hand placed every single blade of grass and tree on earth, attracting a more comprehensive purposeful world that you research! REALISTIC WEATHER AND SEASONAL CYCLE The entire world around you change before your eyes using our new seasonal cycles. Lands flooding in the rainy season, rivers dry up in the summertime, and distinct ponds will be altered accordingly to offer maximum precision. INCREDIBLY DETAILED ANIMALS Discover the new wildlife of the savanna! Improved AI and cartoons coupled with species specific actions trees will immerse you in our most detailed world thus far. IMPROVED NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized versions and textures, weve managed to attain an unrivaled amount of visual quality!
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