Andor's Trail

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Author: Andor's Trail Project Team
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.3
Size: 18M
Version: 0.7.13
Learn more about the world of Dhayavar looking to the brother Andor inside this quest-driven fantasy RPG motivated by old fashioned classics. Battle creatures in turn-based battle, become more powerful through level ups and techniques, select from a vast range of equipment, interact with many NPCs, visit stores, inns and taverns, search for treasure, and also solve quests to follow the trail of your brother and uncover the secrets of their forces at play in Dhayavar. With luck, you could even locate a legendary product! You may currently visit up to 584 maps and finish up to 82 quests. The game is completely free. There is not any payment to install, no advertisements, no in-app purchases, without a DLCs. There is not any internet access needed, and it may run on all versions of Android from 1.6 (Eclair), so it needs to run on any device, even low-end oldies. Andor's Trail is open minded software, released under the GPL v2 license. It is possible to find the resources from Game translation will be crowd-sourced on Andor's Trail is a work in progress, and if there is a good deal of content to perform, the match is not completed. You can participate in the growth or provide suggestions on our forums too! Should you would like to participate, we have released a material editor named ATCS, downloadable at no cost from that makes it possible for anyone to create new content and expand the match, without any coding required! If you want the game, then you can join others who have created some of the content in the present release. You're able to see your own ideas come to life in a match that hundreds of thousands of people have played! *This needs a PC (Windows or Linux) or a Mac. Watch the forums for information regarding content production. Stop by our forums to for assistance, tips, tips and general discussion. We all love our community's comments! Changelog: v0.7.12 Changes in the start village Crossglen to make it even more enjoyable and easier in the beginning 4 new quests and a enhanced exploration 4 new maps New weapon class"Pole arm firearms" and fighting mode Once dpad is busy (both visible and not minimized), ordinary touch-based motion is prevented Various little changes and bug fixes Translations actualized v0.7.11 A new city situated east of Loneford Seven new quests 37 fresh maps One fresh extraordinary item by uncommon drop Recall Bonemeal is illegal - And now there are consequences for its possession Many bug fixes - Burhczyd fix Translations actualized v0.7.10 Weapon Rebalancing Rebalancing of level 1 to 5 benefits A new ability,"The way of the monk" plus a few equipment Sorting of quest logs punctually Fixes for creature difficulty greater justification for permissions Conversation will not shut when you click outside of dialogues Fix toast crashes (e.g. after fights) Repair listener crashes Repair Mapchange crashes Repair minor bugs and typos Translations actualized v0.7.9 For a better summary you can now lessen the view to 75% or 50% a specific person has discovered another, instead unfrequented tavern Fixed the Arulir crashes Fixed Ukrainian language crash and change language crash on older telephones Updated dictionary v0.7.8 Some new quests and lots of new maps. For new characters it is possible to select one of those newest hardcore manners: No Saves, Limited Lives, or even Permadeath. Up to now, languages have been restricted to English or the neighborhood language, according to your device settings. Now you can select between different languages that are translated into some significant extent. V0.7.7 Content: Fixed typos Translations: Fixed issues with translations integration in 0.7.6 Fixed crashes for Greek players v0.7.6 Content Three quests with well known thieves. Five new maps. Translations: 100% Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish 99% German 87% Portuguese 84% Portuguese Brazil 65% Basque 64% French 48% Hungarian 20% Czech 20% Turkish
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