League of War: Mercenaries

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Author: JiroLabs
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.3
Size: 112M
Version: 9.12.25
League of War: Mercenaries is an exciting war strategy game where it is possible to make decisions that have real impact and results. Immerse yourself within such a 3D war game to construct your foundation, develop your army, and battle your way to success. 3D battle combined with a exceptional attraction of war deck-based combat system, giving you an exciting strategic war strategy game that will keep you playing ! Build a fighting force of extraordinary size to wage war on corporations and nations. Take on a large number of assignments or vie with fellow Mercenaries to claim victory around the world and enjoy the spoils of war! In League of War: Mercenaries, players behave as mercenaries, shooting on army contractors that perform out to the battlefield to claim success around the world. Upgrade your army with futuristic tech, battle your enemies, and emerge at the top of this strategic war. 3D war visuals with gorgeous, visceral battle that plays out in real-time WAR STRATEGY - YOUR CHOICES HAVE AN IMPACT Build and strengthen your army with tanks, helicopters, infantries and much more. Strategize the units you use to make sure your success on the battle Advanced warfare technician will help you dominate your enemies and dominate the world Strategy and tactics will create your army the most powerful REAL TIME STRATEGY COMBAT UPDATE TACTICS IN REAL TIME Tactical wars also have shook the entire world. Fight for control in intense RTS battle! RTS games challenge you to configure and prepare your squad at a variety ways to counter complicated enemy units Real time strategy battle challenges you to always remain 1 step ahead of your enemy BASE BUILDING - EXPAND & UPGRADE MILITARY HEADQUARTERS Build and update the supreme army HQ with sophisticated base building gear Defend your base by leveling up your army fortress Building matches lovers are really going to enjoy this fast paced, action packed RTS AMRY UPGRADES BUILD A BETTER MILITARY Armies are upgradeable so you can always use new strategies Tanks, aircraft and much more are at your disposal as you battle with enemies UPGRADE MERCENARIES - CUSTOMIZE MILITARY UNITS Upgrade & equip units with a vast selection of technologies for specific functions to conquer your enemy! Build your army, from tanks to infantry, and set a personal stamp in your mercenaries Mercenaries grow more powerful as you get new technology and approaches ALLIANCE BUILDING - FORGE STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Alliances allow you to bring your army might down on enemies Online multi player - Produce a Alliance and band together against enemy for powerful rewards! Play with friends! Join friends and family for deeper appointments and battle together MULTIPLAYER MODE - TEST YOUR STRATEGY IN two PLAYER BATTLES Defend your base and fight to be the very best! Multiplayer war breaks out across the entire world. Are you going to come out on top? PVP battle challenges you to earn valuable loot by defeating fellow gamers in head-to-head battle! Defense and offense are crucial that strategy will you use to conquer the planet? Fight to conquer the planet with innovative warfare tactics and a powerful army of tanks, infantry and helicopters. Combat multiplayer competitions in PVP strategy matches, construct the best foundation and lead your group of mercenaries to global domination. Download League of War: Mercenaries and be King of the mercenaries! Watch us on YouTube: youtube.com/MunkyFunGames Usage of the program is governed by MunkyFun's Conditions of Service. Additionally, please note that MunkyFun respects your privacy and requests you to critique your MunkyFun Privacy Policy. The MunkyFun Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy could be found at the Legal section under as well as at http://munkyfun.com/legal/
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