Swipe Pro for Facebook

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Author: Happening Studios
Category: Social
Rating: 4.1
Size: 6.0M
Version: 9.0.1
Why sacrifice your privacy or a wonderful user experience once you're able to have both? Meet Swipe, the ideal alternative for Facebook - compact, highly customizable, and battery friendly, with a strict no tracking policy to safeguard your privacy is secured. It isnt actually a key - the official app is bloated, slow, energy hungry, and doesnt possess your privacy in mind. Many alternatives have attempted, but surely, youve discovered most just lack in overall quality. Thats why Swipe is the response - with a strong day/night theming engine, accessibility to messages built (chat heads included), customizable home display widget for your notifications and messages, as well as an ad blocker to filter out the noise, youll find a lot to love. BROWSE YOUR FEED & CHAT WITH FRIENDS IN JUST ONE APP When you can have both for under 5MB, the choice in 2014 to split the most common social media app doesnt make much sense. Changing to Swipe saves you hundreds of MB on your own telephone, so that you are able to use the excess space stored for items that matter most. As an extra bonus, Swipe comes with chat heads also! Continue chatting away with friends even when youre working with another app. There are absolutely no advertisements out of Swipe, and sponsored articles can be blocked too. Theres also no tracking at Swipe - your connection is encrypted and any information you discuss goes straight to Facebooks servers. THE BEST DAY/NIGHT THEMING ENGINE EVER! Swipes theming motor is next-level. Theres just no comparison. While theming isnt fresh, you can now assign each motif element their particular colour (you can even place in hex codes). If tinkering isnt for you, we've got some gorgeous preset ones have been sure youll love! You may even change the way the app feels and looks whether tabs are at the top or bottom, titles are based or left-aligned, card or flat views, and whether to use the classic Floating Action Button or even the modern swipe up Bottom Sheet Menu. The icing on the cake is that you're able to set these individually for both the night and day themes, and topics can switch automatically at the morning and evening. WIDGETS LET NOTIFICATIONS LIVE AT HOME Read the newest alarms and messages directly on your home display, without needing to open the app. The widget will be automatically updated as you utilize the app and when alarms are pulled. Swipes Widget is at least as customizable as the app itself, allowing you to pick nearly any color your heart desires or make it clear to allow your background shine through! DISCREET PHOTO & VIDEO DOWNLOADS downloading photos and videos in Swipe is not just simple, it's more importantly discreet without notifying the individual or page about the downloading. KEEP PRYING EYES AWAY WITH SECURITY LOCK It isnt unusual to hand your telephone to a friend or relative to display them a funny video or interesting photograph. Keep your accounts protected from others by establishing Security Lock and requiring a PIN code or fingerprint to open the app. -- There's much, much longer that makes Swipe the ideal alternative to your preferred social networking, but I think its time to give it a twist yourself. Its better in each and every way. For bugs or feedback, don't hesitate to drop by https://reddit.com/r/swipeforfacebook or email us at jcbsera@gmail.com Disclaimer: Swipe is a alternative app (client) and isn't any way sponsored, endorsed, or connected with Facebook.
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