Domino Smash

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Author: Gismart
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.1
Size: 67M
Version: 1.8.15
Meet with the exciting action-puzzler that makes you a grasp of the domino effect. Fasten your seatbelt as it is time to fall, tumble, bash and crash in the planet of Domino Smash. The objective of Domino Smash is to make the dominos topple! You do that by aiming your ball and shooting it at the start of the domino series. When you strike the dominos, they'll start toppling, and since they fall'they'll fall crystals to collect! Collect all the crystals to get bonus points and knock over all the dominos to visit another obstacle - the more you accumulate the more points you get. But, Domino Smash isn't about the declining dominos... In order to attack the dominos, you are going to have to traverse and master different challenges and hurdles. To try it, you are going to have to practice your aiming, place in your puzzle solving hat, and begin rolling. The greater challenges you conquer, the more thrilling amounts you unlock, and also the more falling dominos you will reach. Discover countless puzzles that are all set to test you, as well as new challenges waiting to guard the falling dominos. As you progress further, each degree raises the stakes with new challenges and much more complex puzzles to solve. Do not worry! With enough practice, you'll be falling dominos easily. Love ultra-realistic falling dominos ensure that you'll always be able to play without frustration. Each of the dominos topple precisely how they do in actual life, plus they do not only fall realistically, but they look beautiful doing it! As you improve, you'll unlock even more backgrounds and stunning dominos to fall - think mad colours, beautiful scenes, and unreal domino activity! The energy is in your hands. Are bright enough, fast enough, and drop-dead cool enough to grasp the domino effect? Learn now and get rolling!
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