Fractal Space HD

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Author: Haze Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.6
Size: 155M
Version: 2.631 HD
Are you going to solve the puzzles of this space station and get out alive? This, my friend, is up to you... Hello dear friend, it's I.G. Welcome to my space channel. Well, I can recall you. I understand you are hesitating - you think its another escape game or portal just like, correct? Well, trust me, in case you're searching for a new journey with a unique story, then you won't regret it. When that is over, you will be changed forever. It's time to input Fractal Space. Catch your jetpack and taser gun - we have work to perform. HD EDITION 5 exclusive Legendary Taser colours Dynamic light and greater quality textures Total Android TV support up to 4K UHD resolutions (3840x2160 and 4096x2160) Bonus: complete soundtrack, wallpapers, alternative end video, 2 making-of recordings (coming soon) Cross-Save using FREE Edition with Google Play Games! KEY FEATURES Immersive 3D first person experience: that match is all about you - and nobody else Mind-blowing narrative adventure - you wont be disappointed, even when its over Jetpack: Hurry freely and explore the space station! Make it private: 15 colours skins to customize your own Taser Gun! Puzzles, lasers, saws, crushers, portals all my struggles are prepared for you Story wealthy: secret recordings to find out more about me personally and a number of endings Console encounter: dear gamers, Ill allow you to play with most Bluetooth gamepads! Cloud Requires: Switching apparatus? Don't worry, I still got you covered Optimized: Dont worry, itll run smooth. You want 60 FPS? Enjoy graphics options! Feel strong: Achievements and leaderboards for speedrun and also to show me and the whole world - how great you're! TASER SKINS CUSTOMIZATION Change your own Taser Gun structure laser, skin, screen and affect colors separately! Find more Colors Packs by researching space and the channel! JETPACK: ENJOY FLYING Defy laws of gravity and physics by shooting up your Jetpack to fly freely through space and steer clear of the space channels fatal traps. You cannot risk falling to the void - so use it wisely and make certain to have sufficient fuel to create your journey! PUZZLES: THINK BEFORE YOU ACT Solve brain-engaging puzzles! Total minigames, use cubes to reach higher grounds, undergo portal teleporters, orient light mirrors, search for clues to suspect accessibility codes... You will need your mind to resolve Fractal Space's puzzles! SPACE EXPLORATION AWAITS Research space and collect concealed documents - they can help you solve puzzles and puzzles about your past, current and future. Pick up health and ammunition packs to endure this adventure and escape the channel. GAMEPAD SUPPORT You prefer gamepad controls for a games console such as experience? No problem! The game is compatible with the majority of gamepads! List: If your gamepad doesnt work, contact us and well add it to the next update! ACHIEVEMENTS & LEADERBOARDS Show that the whole world what a mystery mastermind you're by unlocking achievements, and discussing with your own Fractal Space speedrun scores with your buddies! CLOUD SAVES Play around several apparatus with Google Play Games using automatic Cloud Conserve synchronization! Cross-save between FREE and HD Editions! PERMISSION - Camera: Employed at a specific moment for increased immersion. Can be performed with no. FOLLOW HAZE GAMES stay in contact my creators! They are a hardworking two-person Cartoon studio: - Site: - Twitter: - Facebook: - YouTube:
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