Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

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Author: HeroCraft Ltd.
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.3
Size: 49M
Version: 1.4.34
You will lead the Sons of Russ in battle, and you'll have to slash through hoards of vicious enemies using Boltgun fire or Chainsword teeth. As you battle your Chaos Space Marines, write your story in the Space Wolves Chapter. Enjoy the unique mix of turn-based strategy with collectible cards. You can transform defeat into victory. The outcome of the battle depends on your decisions and wise choices. To win on Kanak, Segmentum Obscurus, the hostile, harsh world that the Chaos forces have chosen as their outpost, it will require the spacewolves' leadership, cunning, and senses. How many secrets is this giant, a slumbering creature, hiding in space's cold, cruel depths, holding? Is there any monstrous power lurking within its green, suffocating jungles and fiery volcanoes? As you go through the campaign, they will be revealed! Russ! The Wolftime and Allfather For the Wolftime and the Allfather! The Necrons are a powerful new enemy. This chapter features 10 new story-driven missions. They have new bosses, 5 types of enemies, and 4 new bosses. There will also be new upgrades and levels for your main character. Personal weapons and levels for each squadmate. 40+ cards. Defeat these unrelenting Space Wolves enemies. The Word Bearers are a group of fanatical, deadly traitors that serve the chaos gods. Tactical battles based on squad: Grey Hunter or Wolf Scout, Wolf Guard choose your hero to complete each mission. This will allow you to match your style, strategy, and tactics. You can unlock all five companions, and you will be able to choose which two of them to go into battle. You can unlock many perks by leveling up your party. Space Wolves can lead you into exciting battles in interactive, 3D environments. You can collect cards that drive combat. There are hundreds of abilities and weapons to choose from, with many mechanics. You can customize your decks according to your strategy. Victories allow you to unlock new weapon, bonus and tactic cards. Multiplayer PVP: Fierce 3 v3 close-quarter combat. Each stage brings more challenges, but better rewards. The leaderboards reset at the beginning of every season. Survival Mode: Take on the Chaos Cultists. This mode offers unique rewards. You can try new strategies in ever-changing conditions. Playing requires an internet connection, 1GB RAM and a device with 1 GB of memory. Space Wolf, Space Wolves and the Space Wolf logo are GW, Games Workshop and Space Marine. All rights are reserved for their respective owners.
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