Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days

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Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.9
Size: 89M
Version: 3.8
Last Island of Survival Unknown 15 Days is an action-packed survival game for mobile devices. Your only objective is survival on this post-apocalyptic, remote island. There are many threats that could stop you reaching your goal. You will face dangers such as hunger, dehydration and opportunistic gamers. It will be necessary to collect resources and build bases. You can also craft different weapons from scratch. This will ensure no one steals your money. The island Last Island of Survival Unknown is a remote island once brimming over with civilization. There are now only ruins and strangely walking humans, and there are military choppers spying on them. What time has passed since? Is it related to the mysterious laboratory at the centre of the island's center? How long will you be here? There is only one way to discover the truth! Discover the hidden secrets of this island's last days as a civilization. Explore the vast open-world map and scavenge valuable blueprints. You can play this survival game online in your preferred way. You can find trustworthy friends and form a clan to rule the island or you can be an isolated player who will terrorize the netizens of the island. Find new friends, and make enemies. You can build fortresses high up or blast your enemies with explosives to raid their houses. You decide what you do. You can build whatever you like, anywhere you wish. It could be your cozy home in the Ice Fields or an impressive fortress that protects the Desert's outskirts. Or it might just be the perfect location for expeditions. Your worst enemy, rust and decay is a real threat. To protect your buildings from decay and protect them against your adversaries in the last days of earth, you'll need to keep them maintained. Last Man Standing Last Island of Survival Unknown15 days is an online PVP mobile game. Only players can decide which day comes next. One step from one is the unification of all islands and an acrimonious bloodbath. You can access all this online survival action from your smartphone! Be ready to fight You can either make your own weapons, find rusty ones, and then fight for your life or die. You can raid enemy forts to steal their valuable loot. Combat military who have answered the call to duty. Your clan will defend and build fortresses that are impregnable. There are many opportunities available. All you have to do is survive and seize them.
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