Tensura:King of Monsters

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Author: Hoolai Game Ltd
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 3.9
Size: 92M
Version: 1.8.0
The Time When I Was Reincarnated As a Slime: A King of Monsters uses the most advanced 3D cel shading technology in order to show gamers the Jura Tempest Federation, an anime-based world. The game allows players to summon monsters and collect anime characters. They can also build up a powerful roster of monster fighters. A unique Devour system allows you to create your own Rimuru. You can reincarnate and become a slime to begin an adventure in another world. Satoru Mikami, a corporate worker is attacked and stabbed to death. Satoru regains consciousness and discovers that his body has been transported to another world. You are a slime. Satoru is given the name Rimuru, and he begins his Slime journey with the goal of creating a Federation that allows all races to live together happily in the squirming universe. Official adaptation of the anime by the original author. This official game adaption is based on the manga That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime. Players play the role of Rimuru the creator of Jura Tempest Federation. They will enjoy the classic anime stories through monster expeditions and game stages, and take part in the daily operations of Monster Federation. The goal of this game is to feel proud of being the King of Monsters. Fuse, who wrote the series, oversees adaptations and makes sure the games are faithful to the original. The new Slime lifestyle of magic and swords will be recreated for players! Super-popular characters come together. The battlefield is dominated by synergy. Summon monsters. The screen features popular anime characters! You will be partnered with Shuna and Benimaru Shion as well as other Monster Federation members, to create a powerful, unique monster legion. The game's heroes can be divided into three types: assistant, output and defensive. To bring your attributes and properties to play, arrange them on a grid of 3x3 and show off your strategic battle lineup! To unleash their destructive power, dispatch heroes who have a close relationship. Use your combo skills to subdue the enemy in critical situations. Create your Monster King Rimuru. The unique slime system in this game perfectly reproduces the "Predator", an ability that was featured in the anime. Devour allows players to feed Slime different items and materials in order to activate various combat abilities and skills. Keep fighting to grow stronger, just like Rimuru from the anime! You can choose from different Rimuru skills, with various resistances and attributes. Then you can match them with other monster heroes and create your Rimuru. You can poke and slime can eat. Modern technologies allow for fluid textures and fulfill your need to poke slime. HD stunning scenes. Every single screenshot can be used as a wallpaper. The state-of the art 3D cel shading technology is employed to create stunning next-generation scenes. Each screenshot can be used as a mobile wallpaper. You can show off your anime skills and create the best visual effects right from your smartphone! Team member of the Deluxe CV. This is a treat for the ears. To please anime fans and CV lovers, the game invited A-list Voice Actors! Your ears will be delighted by the deluxe voice cast!
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