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Author: HUNEX CO.,LTD.
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 3.7
Size: 46M
Version: 1.0.2.a
The story is about a mermaid who rules over the darkness. Recommend users: Users who enjoy Japanese manga and comics Users who are interested in free games. Users who wish to be in love with a handsome male User who wants to read exciting stories. The shop allows you to purchase keys or exchange them for points. You can access all the stories by saving points. You can read more even if you don't have the keys. Watch this video to see how. What you do could make a difference in how close you get to your man. Enjoy deep relationships with handsome, powerful monsters. Story: Aria was a beautiful mermaid who lived a comfortable life with her loving mother and father. This family was loved by everyone until one fateful day. The heroine, who was convicted and charged with murdering her mother, was to go to prison. She arrived in a secret courtyard, where one species of bird was isolated. Characters Aria Aria is a respected child from an affluent family. She was loved dearly by her father and raised as a princess. She is confident and can speak her mind. She is incredibly proud of her mother, who was beautiful when she was a little girl. Although she is self-centered, she is still a young innocent girl who doesn't know the cruelty of mermaids. Hisui He was one of the trouble children that escapted at the facility. A merman, he has a scar from an older burn on his forehead. He is not fond of mermaids. He doesn't show his feelings of distrust towards mermaids even though he is deeply insecure about them. He is also very distant from the heroine and doesn't display his emotions. Rion Foulmouthed, always up for a fight and always willing to take on the heroine, he is often at odds with her. His mother is his most important thing and he harbors great animosity towards the institution that has separated them. He longs for his mother to return to the facility. He is a bit immature psychologically, but he takes responsibility for his daily chores. He didn't have any tutors growing up, so he was unable to study. Yugu is a kind and gentle person. He laughs often, but he also expresses his feelings clearly. He treats everyone equally but he seems to be detached from his rationality and has lost something. He is unusual for a Merman in that he doesn't attach to people or objects. He feels completely empty, nihilistic and sometimes envies other mermen. He didn't worry about anything in his life from a young age. His mother, father and servants were all there to help him. WARNING: The base mode of play is completely free. However, there are some things that you will need to purchase. Some devices may not be compatible with the game. Functionality may be affected by certain usage circumstances. For example, you can free up memory by closing any unused applications. You cannot play the game offline. You must have internet access to play the game. To connect to the internet, you may need to pay separate data transmission fees. Most famous works EPHEMERAL Arcana Famiglia Steam prison
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