Tomb Hunter

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Author: IMCrazy
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.2
Size: 38M
Version: 1.0.80
It really is a fun shooting game where you will play a monster hunter and fight various horrible creatures and zombies in the early tomb. It's possible to go through the different effects of many different magical firearms in the game. In addition, the diversity of equipment and pets can also be a feature of the game. The game has both RPG and FPS elements. Players want defet creatures in the dungeon to gain expertise and gold coins, and collect antiques, buy pets and guns, always boost their ability, and finally become a potent shooter. As the level develops, the talent is also the key to winning the struggle, You need to adjust it in accordance with the current degree. RPG system introduction: 1. Treasures (gear ): You will find antiques such as clothes, helmets, boots, and accessories in the game. They're the core gameplay of the game, in addition to the purpose of the hunter challenging the tomb. PS: Boss has a greater probability of dropping gold superior treasures. 2. Guns: such as pistols, machine guns, and shotguns. Tehy have to eat golden coins to buy in the weapon store. PS: Every time you pass a degree, the weapon shop is going to be refreshed . 3. Pets: like tiger, raptor, wolf, etc.. They're extremely good tanks which could attract the eye of creatures and lower your hatred when shooting. PS: Pets have random abilities, you can choose according to your preferences. 4. Talent: Including rate, gold coins, assault, etc.. Talent is an additional skill for hunter. It's possible to appropriately adjust the distribution of talents according to the current situation. PS: It costs diamonds to reset the talent, you can get it by opening the treasure chest in the tomb. Have a fantastic time!
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