Equilibrium: Light Circle

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Author: InfinityGames.io
Category: Games, Puzzle
Rating: 4.2
Size: 36M
Version: 1.43
Characteristics: Calm sport: Space matches arent very relaxing, but Equilibrium is as tranquil as taking holidays on the moon. Its universal principles and minimalist design will allow your thoughts flow and you'll think faster than a meteor! Universal odyssey: Get into orbit save the Earth from oblivion! You have to alight the aurora and extinguish the dark nebula to circle the planet with light and resolve the enigma. Then it is possible to return home! You are the alien: Alien adventure style across 200 levels and 20 immersive galaxies. As soon as you learn it, you can't stop playing. Return home: Normally the sci-fi stories are about space assignments, Jupiter ascensions or alien strikes. Equilibrium is all about alight mysterious shapes and make symmetries as quickly as you can! Free to playwith: Equilibrium is offered in each planet and is 100% free! Draw minimalist lines reflect the contours and alight the ribbon! Equilibrium: Light Circle is your drawing game where you have to create a light stream by representing the aurora using a single line. Quick as a comet and furious as a meteor, you'll get into orbit away from Mars to Jupiter until you illuminate the whole world and return home. Could you save Earth from a dark nebula? Symmetry after symmetry, Equilibrium differs from all the other area games. This serene drawing match merges the universal and simple features of the relaxing brain-teasers using a distance enigma. Its minimalist design and mesmerizing soundtrack will conquer your attention! There is a gigantic black nebula covering the planet Earth and also the lack of light is destroying the world. All you need to do is draw on a light circle around Earth, light up the world and return house quickly! Have you went to the skies? Accept the challenge and resolve the enigma! Even astronauts will be covetous of the universal odyssey! Start drawing as fast as a comet, make calming symmetries and light the aurora. Circle by circle, you need to stay calm and alight the nebula causing this shadowy equinox. Bright as the moon, each symmetry will provide more and more light to the world, assisting you to return home. Are you prepared for this space adventure? Let the enigma start! Free of the distance games clichs, Equilibrium: Light Circle is the combination between a minimalist stream free sport along with a space assignment. With this calm sport you dont need to think quickly nor have special training to get into orbit across Mars, Jupiter or even the moon. Safe from some other meteor or comet, don't hesitate to light up the aurora anywhere, anytime with anyone from the circle! Based on universal principles, the equinox game stands out of other area games which talk about Mars, a meteor or a alien. Reminiscent of the stream free matches, Equilibrium creates the perfect equilibrium between a moon adventure and a minimalist brain enigma. Perfect to relax, you can perform it on the bus, even through your lunch break or at home. Just alight the aurora and light the dark nebula! Ready to ride a comet to the many relaxing of area games? Whenever you're into orbit, then you grow to be the alien!
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