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Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.4
Size: 86M
Version: 7.1
Traffix is simple to use and has minimal features. An highway can be a chaotic place, where stress and anger are all present. This is especially true in large cities such as Paris, Tokyo Istanbul, Istanbul, or Las Vegas. To keep drivers safe and to maintain peace, control traffic lights. You can fight chaos everywhere! The features: You can tap the traffic light at the correct time to alter its color or manage the highway. This works exactly like normal traffic lights with red, green and yellow colors. The minimalist: In almost all cities, you will see cars, buses and vans. You can find cities with a truck or a train and even an airplane. You must ensure that they don't crash. Relax: Traffix won't force you to think hard. Every new city will surprise you and allow for relaxation. Tough levels: Although Traffix's visual features are simple and minimal, some cities can be very complex. Even the smallest distraction could cause an accident. Everyone hates traffic. It doesn't matter how minimalistic, such as Traffix. There is now a way for chaos to be controlled and streets to feel calm. Traffix is your highway manager. Every city is different and will bring its own unique mix of chaos and stress. You can manage traffic flow by tapping on the lights when you need them. Drivers will become mad if you make them wait. Don't rush, or drivers will be in a hurry! Wait for the perfect time to touch the traffic lights to guide cars to their destinations. By default, the lights will turn red. Let one vehicle go while you wait for the yellow light to come on. Double-tap the yellow traffic light to turn it on when the road is clear. The minimalistic and poetic elements of Traffix will make it easy to understand the workings of Traffix. It's simple. All vehicles must stop when the red traffic light turns green. After a time, everyone will be angry at the red traffic light. One car can pass the yellow traffic light. The traffic light will turn red after that. It is safer to tap the yellow traffic light. Green: Tap twice for the light to turn green. The traffic light will turn green and all cars can move. The majority of accidents happen within the yellow traffic light. Chaos Mode: This is the second mode. Chaos Mode: This mode is for professionals and will be a surprise to you because of its simplicity. It is a combination of extra stress and madness, as you can see from its name. Your job is to safely guide police cars. You lose if you crash. Are you confident that you will complete the entire city? Now is the time to show it. You can play anywhere in the world. Traffix highlights the most populated cities around the globe. These are the places where stress can be rooted, and peace seems a faraway dream. The highway becomes more chaotic as you travel. One of two outcomes will occur at that moment: either you conquer the obstacles or you become one the raging motorists. We're looking forward to seeing you out on the road!
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