Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzles

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Author: InfinityGames.io
Category: Games, Puzzle
Rating: 4.6
Size: 64M
Version: 4.5.2
Characteristics: Tap and Glow: Reminders program is very easy to play: choose the line as reference to tap on the squares and mirror the music notes. The squares will shine when you tap on them! Anxiety antidote: The unwind melodies generated on Harmony are perfect to kill anxiety or OCD issues. In actuality, Infinity Games are recognized by slowing gamers heartbeat after 10 levels played. Free of timers and other worry features, this game feels just like a yoga session in paradise! Various instruments: There are many instruments available on Harmony. You start with a piano, but you can go for another melody later in case you would like wind instruments or series instruments. Music, Maestro: Tapping the squares to the ideal tempo is the one thing that you want to create smart music with this calm and minimalist IQ test. Can you play with different instruments? The same as paradise: Just like a mirror of relaxing sounds, the Harmony program supplies you a calm IQ test to feed your spirit and tease your mind. You have to get the same look on both sides of the line. Simply tap the ideal polygon and the contours will glow! Boss amounts: Apart from the classical music along with the tacit IQ test present, the boss amounts featured over the Harmony program will relax your spirit! Assess how many unwind melodies will you produce during a boss level! Music, Maestro! Harmony: Relax Melodies is a smart music game reminiscent of guitar hero, in which you have to reflect the music notes by simply tapping on the free squares. To be successful, you want to take the white line as reference and generate a symmetry. You may finish a few amounts in a heartbeat. Others will demand more attention. Each faucet will make a minimalist melody, giving the illusion you are a real maestro! Like guitar hero, you may feel as a real musician in paradise when you tap on the music notes about the ideal tempo. The significant distinction between guitar hero and the Harmony program is the classical music: the relaxing sounds featured in the match are minimalist and tranquil. Playing Harmony is very easy: just reflect each polygon and the symmetry will shine. If a polygon is three distances on the right, then you should tap an empty polygon three spaces on the left. As soon as you reflect every decoration, the squares will shine and its completed! By tapping on the music notes at the ideal tempo, you will be the maestro of unwind melodies. Merging the mind work out an IQ test and the slow heartbeat of a yoga practice, we can say you are smartly relaxing. Simply look at it like a mirror: the mind will be happy for each melody you reveal! The chapter titles derive from classical music composers such as Sibelius or Vivaldi and each chapter has its own relaxing sounds palette. Each chapter will bring another polygon, melody and symmetry. Your spirit will rejoice with all the 24 different unwind melodies and more than minimalist 1000 levels! Vivaldi assembled his legacy with all the Four Seasons, you can start yours using Harmony! Don't hesitate to activate your guitar mode and tap on the music notes as fast as possible! Go from mid speed to up tempo! Music, Maestro! The wise music combined with a calm IQ test will make a paradise environment. Gamers who suffer with anxiety or OCD problems praise our games. The Harmony program works as a yoga course also will keep you calm, slowing down your own pulse. The relaxing sounds and the guitar hero gameplay will numb your spirit and help you coping with anxiety or OCD, while you turn into a classical music maestro. Harmony: Relax Melodies is a wise music odyssey through an abstract along with a minimalist paradise, where tapping on a polygon and signify a symmetry is all you will need to do in order to eliminate anxiety or OCD symptoms.
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