ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )

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Author: Imagi Mobile
Category: Photography
Rating: 4.2
Size: 3.7M
Version: 1.22
ProCam X will turn your phone into professional camera wanna function, with full control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and other attributes such as a professional camera, that may bring your mobile photography to the next degree. Simply take the ideal catch of your photo and even capture your video in large resolution. HD Camera Pro: camera characteristics: Control exposure (lock / adjust worth ) Control white balance Manual ISO * Manual focus * Manual camera speed * Intervalometer Burst shooting mode Set custom video piece rate Realtime filter / colour impact Geotagging Anti Shake * On supported devices along with camera2api allow It is excellent fast camera features perform fast giving your fast camera performance that's able to take many images at a certain period in burst mode, quite helpful for creating stop motion or time lapse video Create photos with various effects and another shotpro hd camera pro features such as manual exposure lock, manual ISO, white balance, hd camera pro grid perspective, gold ratio gridetc., and reach the maximum degree of photography using this professional camera to do shotpro Greatest camera key attributes are described as below: * Burst camera mode with configurable delay to make stop motion or make time lapse video * Face detection / decorative recognition * Front rear hd camera pro selection. * Pick to and 4k video resolution and quality. * 4K camera recording (With optional audio recording) such as az camera hd * Option to turn off the camera sound. * GUI to alter the orientation with no pause works whatsoever. * Adjustable volume keys (picture to zoom get or change the exposure compensation). * Excellent shotpro such as the ideal camera hd performance * Remote control (optional audio countdown) timer (with configurable delay) automatic repeat style. * Customable volume keys to perform rapid performance like az camera DSLR camera feature to correct shutter speed * Manual Focus like DSLR camera * DSLR camera feature to select manual ISO * Manual Exposure shotpro * Interval Shot for time lapse and stop movement * Location targeting feature * Remove with multi-touch gesture and also single-touch control. * Choice to lock the photo or 4k video in portrait or landscape orientation. * 4K video recording supported apparatus, turn your telephone into 4k camera Realtime Photo Filter * Photo Grid: 4K camera program, gold ratio lineup * Customize the shutter sound / silent camera program when shoot photograph or capture 4k video * Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photographs and movies; For photographs that compass direction comprises. * A date and time stamp on photographs, location coordinates and implements a custom text. * (A few ) external microphone support. * Manual focusing distance; guide ISO * pro camera exposure lock * RAW (DNG) documents front az camera Manual ISO / iso guide or simply equilibrium ISO ( set iso guide ) * Display mode feature * Brightness / exposure setting * Best camera for generating time lapse or stop movement which required period shooting * Unlock az camera program capacity to capture at 4k camera on supported apparatus All full attributes packaged in small compact size and clean interface, Download the professional camera hd and start recording your 4k video Notice: To utilize manual features you will require apparatus with Android 5.0 and upward using camera2 API enabled by your cellphone's vendor.
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