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Version: 8.4.2
Inspired by"Sound and Vision" magazine. Loved by Audio Engineers worldwide: Take a look at the Reviews! Characteristics: 1/1, 1/3, 1/6 & 1/12 octave RTA manners, Leq (wideband, Octave, varying length ), Sones (Loudness), RT60 (wideband, Octave), Peak Store, Spectrogram, Waterfall, Maximum frequency, Impulse, Quick, Medium & Slow filters, Flat & A/C Weighting and movie industry X Curve, Averaging, SPL Chart Recorder, Noise Criteria (NC and NR), White/Pink Noise, Sine, Square, Triangle, Sweep, Log Sweep, Warble, Ramp and Impulse signals & loudspeaker polarity checker, L/R choose. RTA Store & Load, Hann dividers, pinch to zoom, scroll to centre. Examples of current updates (April 2019): v8.0 New Feature: Load two or one stored spectrum files and display both together with the realtime info. V8.1 New Generator option: swap period of Right stereo signal v8.2 New Menu option"Establish Resolution" permitting to place 4096, 8192, or 16384 sample spans v8.3 New 1/12 Octave RTA mode Exclusive ISO 1/3 Octave Calibration - may adjust for your phone's microphone response. Octave calibration discs are moved up or down to get a level response, and fit the total SPL to the of an outside meter. Save/Restore of Cal documents (favorite Dayton Audio iMM-6, MicW i436( also affirmed ). Use: gig dimensions, home theater, acoustics, car, etc.. AudioTool FFTs sets of mic samples. Aliasing decreased by Hann windowing. SPL calculated in realtime. Spectra might be saved, subsequently packed and displayed with the dwell spectrum. The"Store" button stores the present live spectrum -"Load" reveals a list of stored spectra to choose. To hide the buttons, tap the display. To revive them, tap . To zoom the scalepinch the display. To move the scale, drag it up or down (left or right). A pair of cursors could be shown: each may be moved to any position, and will display the SPL & time/frequency values there. The cursors may be turned off and on from the Menu. The loudspeaker polarity checker may be used to test whether a loudspeaker is wired in period: link the AudioTool output to the speaker under evaluation, pick"Polarity" from the signal generator display, then return to the RTA display. In case the speaker is from phase (polarity reversed) AudioTool will show"Pol --", otherwise"Pol +++" when the speaker is in stage. The Noise Criteria function shows a pair of NC shapes overlaid on the 1/1 Octave RTA display and the calculated real time present NC value is also shown. The Chart Recorder shows a moving hint of the SPL measurements throughout the last few minutes. RT60 measurements (just how much reverberation or repeat there is in an area or hallway ) may be manufactured using the"RT60" function, triggered employing a loud clap (or comparable ) into or with Pink Noise from the AudioTool generator. The generator uses multiple cycled buffers, refreshed so ensuring genuinely random White and Pink noise. The frequency accuracy of this Signal Generator is usually around 1 percent. Sine wave fidelity is good throughout most of the sound selection. Other signals' leading and trailing edges will show ringing and diminishing frequency response artifacts in the upper ranges, depending upon the cellphone used. The above description is a very terse version of this Online Manual, which might be accessed here: The friendly AudioTool Discussion Group may be used to ask attributes, find/request Calibration documents, or report problems. Feedback is always welcome: Disclaimer: AudioTool's functionality depends on your Android apparatus, and is not guaranteed to meet any sound measurement or safety criteria.
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