Disney Mirrorverse

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Author: Kabam Games, Inc.
Category: Games, Role Playing
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Version: 0.11.2
This can be Disney Mirrorverse, also a stunning new action RPG game for mobile, place within an all-new divergent Disney world where players assemble groups of amplified, action-ready, 3D Disney and Pixar characters to fight against a dark force. Long ago, two stars collided to create an altered world filled with light and dark forces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has developed familiar worlds, now endangered by hordes of Fractured enemies. Players unite teams of strong Guardians to combat together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to conquer the Fractured forces trying to violate the Mirrorverse. Every Guardian possesses strong, special attacks which are unique and authentic to present Disney and Pixar characters. They're designed to match each other via different staff roles to maximize battle chemistry and potential, enabling players to progress through multiple levels and advance to the maximum rank. Experience the excitement and joy of real-time action combat as you control the Mirrorverse Guardians man activities, combat arsenal, team approach, and special attacks. Build alliances with friends and compete to gain powerful rewards. Customize and strengthen your Guardians abilities through a profound character progression system, finding the ideal team blends and strategies to the ultimate triumph. ENTER A DIVERGENT DISNEY UNIVERSE & STORYLINE: Experience a new narrative that reflects iconic Disney and Pixar personalities in ways you've never seen before. Enter a divergent world comprising Disney and Pixar personalities which have been amplified and empowered to defend against a dark, unrelenting danger the Fractured. UNITE TEAMS OF VISUALLY STUNNING DISNEY AND PIXAR CHARACTERS: During this Action RPG, enter richly comprehensive new worlds filled with 3D-rendered Disney and Pixar personalities which have been aggressively developed to fit this high-stakes world class. Discover the intriguing backstories of these Mirrorverse Guardians and unlock surprising and authentic special abilities that equip them with both epic battle and experience. Collect groups of three and take charge of every single moment of gameplay including the Mirrorverse Guardians individual activities, team strategy, and special attacks. UNCOVER EPIC QUESTS: Attack special narratives and combat the Fractured enemies to obtain rewards and restore the characters and worlds of the Mirrorverse which have been contested by dark magic. - STORY QUESTS: Experience an immersive new Disney narrative of tasks and quests to finish, all predicated on the history of the Disney Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery, and the Fractured. - EVENT QUESTS: Total limited-time quests which tie into real Disney and Pixar content and events, and extend players exceptional personalities, awards and progression objects during a particular timeframe. COOPERATIVE AND COMPETITIVE PLAY IN ALLIANCES: Team around support each other cooperatively and compete in quests, achieve strong rewards, create stronger buddies, and exchange items and abilities. MONTHLY CONTENT RELEASES: Experience new Mirrorverse story chapters and occasion quests throughout ever-evolving and expanding storylines, with regular releases of new Disney and Pixar characters. TERMS OF SERVICE: Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they regulate the relationship between you and Kabam. www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/ www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
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