Zombie Objective

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Author: Killer Bean Studios
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.4
Size: 83M
Version: 1.1.0
The battle against the zombies has started. Zombie Objective, a crucial military operation that secures a city infested with zombies is the key. Your mission is to join an elite military unit that blasts through zombies until they are exterminated and secure the city. Your mission is to protect assets and provide support for snipers, as well as gather supplies and hunt down zombies. You will be armed with weapons and tech to fight the zombies that are infesting your city. You will need to have the military and tactical skills necessary to defeat the zombies in seven different environments. You can customize your weapons and equipment to suit any role. You can hunt the dead in many ways: as a stealth Zombies sniper or heavy machine gunner; as an axe killer, zombie hunter, or samurai fighter. This game is for those who are sick of shooting at zombies from a single location. Zombie Objective (FPS) is an open-world first-person shooter. KILLER FEATURES 7 locations featuring stunning 3D graphics. Every map is different and presents challenges that require unique tactical strategies. You can choose between difficult, easy or tough missions. Seven modes of gameplay are available: Survival, Attack and Defend; Gather, Protect; Protect; Protect; Protect. Twelve+ Zombie Types are: Shufflers and Spitters; Fast movers, Spitters; Smoking Zombies and Fire Zombies; Vicious Dogs; Rage Zombies. Armored Zombies. Mutant Zombies. Exploding Zombies. Bosses. 21 futuristic and modern guns: Shotguns and long guns as well as shotguns and machine guns. The melee weapons include the machete, machetes, bloody katana, deadly katana and laser sword, as well as the Crowbar, hunting knife, Machete, Hunter Knife, Machete, Bloody Axe, Machete, Dragon Sword, and the terrifying Laser Blade. Shoes and armor to help protect you from the attacks of zombies. Powerful equipment, boosters: Gravenades and landmines; holograms; slow motion devices, power-ups; medkits. For casual gamers, autofire or manual shooting are the controls. For quick response, use the 180° turn button. Full movement with virtual analog stick Note: Zombie Objective requires 160MB of RAM for lag-free operation.
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