Punishing: Gray Raven

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Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.4
Size: 81M
Version: 1.9.1
Punishing Gray Raven is an action-RPG that's fast and stylish. Mankind may soon be extinct. The robot army known as The Punishing has taken over Earth. Last survivors fled to orbit aboard the space station Babylonia. The Gray Raven Special Forces Unit leads the effort to recover their homeworld after years of planning. Their leader is you. You are the Gray Raven's commander and have the responsibility of assembling the best cyborg soldiers in the world, as well as leading them to battle. This Action-RPG will help you uncover the truth about the Punishing virus and fight the Corrupted to regain the Earth. HIGH-SPEED COMBAT ACTION - Enjoy high-speed, stylish combat action. You can direct control all your squad members through 3D battles. Tag your teammates mid-fight and master their special moves. You can dodge, parry and knock down enemies with quick combos. Then, crush them with the most powerful techniques using an easy-to use match-3 system. A POST-APOCALYPTIC FI-FI EPIC Explore a decrepit world and discover the secrets behind cyberpunk. This darkly stunning world is filled with visual novels-style storytelling. You might be able to find hidden chapters and see the story through a darker lens if you dare. EXPLORE THE RUINED WORLD Discover a variety of breathtaking environments from desert warzones to towering megastructures and abandoned streets, as well as abstract virtual worlds. In a cinematic adventure that never ends, you will see the fight against the Corrupted on harsh polar battlefields as well as beyond the Earth's gravity. A STUNNING POSTHUMAN STYLE. Mere flesh, blood and no weapons are enough to defeat the Punishing. So the soldiers have evolved into something much more. They are known as Constructs and consist of human brains encased within powerful, mechanical bodies. These living weapons can be used to fight hundreds of enemies types. They are richly animated and detailed in 3D. DANCE OVER THE BATTLEBOARD in an orchestral symphony, to the beats of the amazing soundtrack. Punishing Gray Raven offers a variety of music styles, from ambient and atmospheric to drum & beat-heavy, making it a delight for both the ears and the eyes. BUILD A HOME ABOVE THE BATTLEFIELD Let the adorable characters and cozy dorms ease any pain. You can decorate each dorm with a variety of styles. You can immerse yourself into the peace that you are fighting for.
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