Ultraman: Legend of Heroes

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Author: JoyMore GAME
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.4
Size: 40M
Version: 1.2.6
----- The Ultramans and Monsters in the game -----. -Popular and iconic characters such as Ultraman Geed and Orb. Tsuburaya Productions Co. Ltd. officially authorizes the fully restored Ultraman Legend of Heroes mobile game. This 3D action-adventure game is based on the iconic national fantasy tokusatsu Ultraman series. Each character's action and skill follow the original scene perfectly restoration. This game will allow you to enjoy the original Ultraman story, and give you an insight into Ultra World's grandeur. Ultra Brothers Assembly Guild Collaboration Once the game has reached a certain level the arena PVP system can be unlocked. Arena battles are more than just a duel. It is an open-ended game that allows for free combinations. Role battles are not the only option for players. You can now play in multiple Ultraman hero matches thanks to the new rotation system. This gives you endless possibilities. Cosmic Prison Copy-Wanted Monsters Escape From The Cosmic Prison, which holds the evil demons that harm the world. There are however many wicked King Demons, scattered all over the universe. To catch them all, prisoners put up daily posters calling for heroes to help them. You can complete daily tasks and receive monster map cards from the prison. The Technology Bureau can synthesize and load cards, which gives your Ultraman even more power. You needed Ultraman as a child to realize your dreams of being a hero. Now, Ultraman is looking for you to lead the fight to save the planet! Your heroism is also worthy of praise.
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