Hacker.exe - Mobile Hacking Simulator

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Author: L.U.G. (LinkUp Games)
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 3.4
Size: 59M
Version: 1.5.5
NOTICE: This game contains jumpscares. Hacker.exe adds a new twist to an exe game. It is both a horror/creepy simulator and a point-and-click hacking simulator. The game features puzzles, tower defense strategies and quick-time events. The game's overarching goal is for you to find the solution to the puzzle and not be caught. NCD, an organisation that swears it will protect its users from viruses and hackers while browsing the web, is what they are. This is why it's so important. After the World Wide Whipe Out which nearly ended the Internet's information, most people are now discouraged from using it. This hacking job was started without any knowledge about your history. It is now up to you, the hacker, to find out what happened to make you a better hacker. You notice the NCD while hacking. This is the exact same organization that offered protection to its users. It also helps websites selling illegal goods thrive in the new age of technology. You have to discover why the NCD does this, while also accepting the most difficult and strategic job opportunities available as a hacker. Is this your chance to rise to the challenge? This game features: –Point-and-click adventure, –Jumpscares or Intense Mystery Puzzles, –Interactive Hacking Mechanisms, -Logical methods of finding objectives, -Thrilling adventure, ­Difficult puzzles, —Elements of Surprise. -Limited time NOTE: This game might be slow on some devices. To get the most out of this game, make sure there are no background apps running. Also ensure that your RAM is at least 3GB. This is the complete version and includes many additional levels. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
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