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Author: Madcat Games
Category: Art & Design
Rating: 4.0
Size: 138M
Version: 1.5.35
Easy Pose is a human body pose app for individuals who draw or is still learning to draw. Have you ever desired a personalized design to show various poses while drawing animation, illustration or sketching? Easy Pose was created for these people. Various angles of distinct poses could be inspected. Now you don't need to draw a wooden shadow or find for a model. Even yoga or workout poses could be checked from several angles. 1. Sensitive Operation Easy Pose allows control over the main joints in an amazingly smooth manner. It gives multiple functions previously unavailable in other pose apps such as a highlight on movable components, initialization of manipulation and joints condition, and locating a symmetrical pose with the mirroring function. Experience controls which are more suitable than using a mouse. 2. Comic Style Models Previous pose apps had lots of realistic eight-head ratio men and women, making it unsuitable for animation, webtoon or game illustrations. Easy Pose is prepared with models with various body types. 3. Multi-Model Control A picture could be made with a made using no more than 6 people at once! It is currently possible to generate a spectacle of a football player avoiding a tackle or even a couple holding hands and dance. 4. Tens of poses which have already been completed. Poses which are used frequently are made. About 60 poses are prepared and these poses will be often upgraded. 5. Other Characteristics - Fixing light expression utilizing direct and backlight settings - capable to detect different poses at various angles - pragmatic shadows such as shadows of models being cast over other models - capable to modify the angle of view (potential to use an exaggerated vanishing point such as a panorama) - Provides a cord mode which permits lines drawn on models - Able to obtain models without the backdrop in a PNG clear background. - Automatic economy, making it safe whenever there is a device malfunction. - Able to readily control hand movements. 6. Functions supplied in the Free Version - Model poses may be publicly controlled. - Moods may be freely controlled by controlling the light angle. - Willing to store the image in PNG. Use it if utilizing Easy Pose with another program to draw on! - A picture can be created by publicly controlling the camera space . Paid Version Upgrade Benefit - centric poses could be saved and recalled. - A girl (ordinary ), girl (small), guy (small) is provided other than the initial model. - Many models can be brought on screen at once. - there aren't any ads. - All Completed Poses could be utilized. **Since the data is not saved to server, once you delete an app, the saved data is deleted. **Easy Pose Google Play version and Apple App Store version are not compatible with one another. If the user purchases the things of the Easy Pose Android version, it cannot be used in the Easy Pose ios version. **If certificate fails, please follow the directions below. 1) Open phone and go to Settings-apps-Easy Pose-permissions. 2) Assess if Messenger consent is switched on, and assess them if they're not approved. 3) Run the Easy pose, and then press the certification menu around the app begin display. **The rights demanded by Easy Pose are as follows. 1) Contacts-This is your privilege necessary to get the Easy Pose server with your Google Play Game account. If you don't use this particular feature, please deny. There's absolutely no issue using the app. 2) Storage Capacity-This is your permission needed to save a pose made by Easy Pose within a picture file on your gallery of smartphone. If you don't use the save as PNG image feature, please deny. There's absolutely no issue using the app. **If the item you bought doesn't apply to Easy Pose, please send us your User ID and Receipt. If you don't have a receipt, please ship your purchase history. .
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