Vegas Crime Simulator

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Author: Naxeex Ltd
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.2
Size: 90M
The upgraded version of the free game has become more intriguing and exciting. The game has a big open 3D globe, amazing 3D graphics and all the game mechanisms necessary for this genre. The game in which there's a gangster confrontation is full of excitement. The game provides fun tasks, various struggles with enemies and fun game mechanisms. In the game you will find a variety of points of interest like: a military base with a tank, an airfield having an aircraft, a platform for performing tricks on cars and motorcycles, a spaceshipand robots transformers. We offer you to dive into the unpleasant gangster universe of Vegas. The gangster planet is very dangerous it's dominated by abuse and lawlessness inside each man for themself. Your hero is going to have to be powerful to be successful. These gems jungles do not forgive mistakes. Your hero will be able to choose which side he will be around. You can be bad or good, the decision is yours. Your hero is going to have to move from the floor to the surface and change his life abruptly. You'll have to pass various quests to win respect and popularity within this city. You'll have to steal cars and struggle with different criminals. It is possible to personalize your character, making it exceptional, for this purpose, the sport has a clothing store. Clothing will enable your character to seem not only fashionable, but also give additional features. How your character will turn out is your decision. You may pump your character improving the abilities you need, such as: endurance, strength, precision, forcing vehicles, ownership of different weapons. You can also provide your hero special abilities that will allow you to complete the game. The game has a store of superhero items for this use. Magic rope - it will allow you to maneuver as a superhero, it helps you quickly maneuver around the city, get into the most protected places like a military base or government channel. You are able to use the rope to entice enemies or objects. Flight style - this advancement gives your character to fly as a superhero. Landing - this superpower allows you to property from any height without any damage, you can not be scared to fall and die. Super landing-the hero's ability to land and deal damage to enemies. Super kick - this feature permits you to kick enemies or objects with excellent force. You're able to kick whatever you need: cars, environment products, enemies. Growing walls - this superpower permits you to proceed on vertical surfaces like woods. Robot skin - this costume permits the character to transform into a transformer robot, this raises your stamina, armor, and life. This costume will aid your hero become invincible in confrontations with enemies. Superhero epidermis - allows you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a superhero, but do not forget your most important aims from the gangster world. Stylish superhero costume will give your character additional abilities like flying and leaping. The game includes a significant number of cars, in the automobile store you are able to choose for yourself transportation for any goal. In the store there are glowing sports cars, they will permit your hero to maneuver around the city with the wind and look cool. And should you need a more protected auto, you can purchase an armored SUV or even a vehicle with big wheels - this method will allow you to drive anywhere and remain safe. Also in the store there are cool motorcycles along with a special car for your superhero. The superhero car has high characteristics in terms of speed handling and strength. We expect that you will spend time with curiosity about this free game and you will enjoy it.
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