Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMO

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Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.1
Size: 176M
Version: 3.8.1
Boost and lead a military. Create a massive empire at an infinite universe to become the newest warlord of the Three Lands in this multiplayer real-time strategy online game for free! Create your nation, recruit knights and lords to defend your own throne, and let the conquest begin! Youre the kingdom god in this real-time strategy game that's about the way you attain the conquest of the whole planet during the invasion and conquering of a single nation after another. Following the departure of the excellent Lord Almaty, his four Lieutenants began the 1,000 kingdom mythical war for the kings throne... As a consequence, claim territories at the Three Lands realm in a constantly competitive battlefield and be the commandant of the greatest dynasty ever! Million Lords is a mobile strategy MMO unlike some other with a focus on the craft of war and conquering. There are no rules in this war. It's about conquering, threatening, and even defeating your enemies! Conquer the world employing the most effective military strategies and create your empire. Gather all of your troops and use your shield defense to become the most powerful clan. Peace is no more an option: Combine the battle now and Allow the conquest begin!""" "Straightforward, Easy, and Thoroughly Addictive RTS!"""" Team up and organize organized strikes with your clan to scale the leaderboard! - First RTS Gameplay Particular PvP battleground produced through an independent studio. - An epic RPG ability tree Choose between 10 abilities to strengthen your Lord conquest power. Maintain your accomplishments and glory for your city's achievement in an RTS battlefield quest! - 60 craftable things To accommodate your war strategy in real time at a military MMORPG! COMPETITIVE SEASON CHALLENGE: - Each month, we will crown a new participant the Lord of the kingdom in Three Lands plus it could be you! Stand out and acquire at a PvP battle campaign! - Start new in the start of each struggle season: keep your things, war rituals, and standing after every season! SPECIALIZE AND IMPROVE YOUR CONQUEST STRATEGY: - Choose your fighting skills and create your own lord, ready for the battle: your hero, your own pick! - Specialize your epic personality and kingdom to confront the enemy army. Start conquering cities and protect your land with an unbreakable protect defense! Plunder resources from your enemy and gather as many troops as you can to wage war against other warlords till you have no longer competition and you become the excellent Lord of Three Lands! Utilize your knights and be the king and commander of the greatest empire ever in this real-time strategy game! Adding a well-timed invasion into your tactics will allow you to overcome another country and add it into your collection of thrones. - Expand your kingdom with your hero beyond all expectations: the only edge is your decision on your RTS MMO assignment. Strike and conquer new regions by demonstrating your own stamina and strategies in an endless legendary war to improve your dominion! Don't spend hours upon hours upgrading buildings and manually-creating figurines and soldiers! Download this MMO based on strategy conquest for free! THE WARLORDS' COUNCIL: Discord waiter:"""""""" Clash your kingdom army and compete with anyone, anywhere, and in any time! You will not forget this unique grand strategy war game of conquest: invasion, even conquering, defeating, and striking down your foes or allow them to live: the choice is not yours!
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