Robbery Madness: Classic Thief Game - Mall Heist

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Author: Marek Klvaňa
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.4
Size: 36M
Version: 1.0.1
You will have a lot of fun with this cartoon sneaking robber. You will enjoy a unique First Person Stealth experience with lots of hilarious scenarios, characters, and hell. The story of Shopping Madness is that you play the part of an old, funny-looking amateur robber who starts a new job as a thief. He is starting his first task at the shopping center heist. His goal is to get some items for his boss, The Thief Guild Masters. He doesn't know he has any, and he doesn't even have any tools for thieving. He also lacks stealth skills because that is how he operates. He uses a simple tactic: he hides in the toilet and waits for the next night. His creepy journey to loot starts when the shopping center is empty. He doesn't even know that security systems are in operation all night. There are many security robots patrolling the Shopping Centre, watching every corner. Although they are not very smart and look funny, these robots have some of the most advanced AI available on the robotics market. Robots can sometimes look as if they are living their own lives. The robots communicate with each other using funny sounds and visualizing what is on their minds. The robber can observe them talking about secret rooms and luxury loot, giving him some clues. The thief should be wary of security robots. There are many security cameras in the shopping center that are searching for prey. He must watch the robots patrolling the shopping centre and wait for his chance to escape. GAME FEATURES: CHOOSE YOUR TACTIC. Be invisible and steal your way to treasures and loot like a shadow. You can also bet on the speed and intelligence of your runners and steal all that is in their path. GRANTED STEALTH CHALLENGE ACTION: Find a way to get around security robots or cameras. You can sneak your way to the loot, silently crawl through ventilation shafts or hide behind closets. Hack computers within the Security Room to disable security systems. Use the portal mystery system to your advantage. Choose your difficulty - YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU CHALLENGE. There are three levels of difficulty: Normal, Easy and Hard. The Hard Difficulty level offers additional challenge with five security robots, including one DEVIL robotic. SECRET ROOMS Locate a secret room hidden within one of the shops to find treasure. THOPHIES Win the game to earn all three Trophies. You can only do that if you finish the game. Don't allow them to catch you. FUNNY ENEMIES Enjoy the cute, cartoon-like appearance and funny sounds of security robots. Take a look at them and watch how they communicate with each other. CARTOON GRAPHIC Beautiful low-poly cartoon graphics with effects and effects. THERE IS HELL If you get captured for the third consecutive time, Hell is your destination.
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