Robbery Madness 2: Stealth Master Thief Simulator

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Author: Marek Klvaňa
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.3
Size: 61M
Version: 2.0.9
You can become a thief or a criminal who sneaks his way to the riches. Hack security systems and take advantage of them. You can use tools such as a snake camera to see behind closed doors. You can outwit guards and use stealth or sneak attack to take them down. Locate secret areas, steal treasure from hidden chests and find them. Black Market is a place where you can exchange the money that was stolen for equipment. Robbery Madness (FPS) is an action-packed thief and heist simulator. It features RPG elements with stealth and humor. You will play the role as a thief master and steal many unique items. PLACES HOUSE This is a great place to begin your career as a thief. The little home is a great place to start your career as a thief. First, avoid the security systems. It is not your intention to set off alarms and draw cops. You should also avoid the robo-dog. Another thing to remember is that you should avoid the cellar. Some burglars claim there's something more sinister inside, and it's not rats. The most loved place for robbers is MALL It is a great place to rob. There are many shops and corridors that run along the length of the mall, as well as clean bathrooms. There are also many security cameras. Each Mall is equipped with a ventilation system that robbers love. The place may be unique because of the rumours that it contains secret military technology. MUSEUM It would make a great heist. You will find so much to explore, learn about and steal. There are so many statues, rocks, crystals, and glass displays. Every museum is protected by a strong security system with many guards. This one is no different. This is the ideal place to master stealth. Be careful when breaking into showcases as they can be a magnet for guards. Use a ventilation system. Be careful when sneaking past guards who may have guns. MALL-Z Only the most skilled thieves can access this heist. Are you familiar with the Mall? It is exactly the same location, except that it has been destroyed by the zombie apocalypse. It is now impossible to find the Mall that you used to know. It is difficult to take anything, as burglars have already taken everything. Water, food, and toilet paper are all valuable. There are also hidden weapons, ammunition, frag bombs, and mines. You don't have to sneak around, just find the weapons you need and then use them. NIGHT CITY You can use this place as your city map, hideout, or refuge for your burglar. This is where you will be able to plan your next heist and start it. This is also where you will find Black Market and Inventory. CHALLENGING STEPHANY ACTION: Be a stealthy master and a sneaky burglar. Hidden in the shadows, you will find the treasures and loot that await you and then steal them. Sneak attack, avoid guards. Hack security cameras to monitor the area and distract guards. You can hide in bushes, garbage cans and toilets. You can use the spy camera to find out what's behind closed doors. To get rid guards, set up traps such as mines. In a lockpicking game, unlock the locked doors and find treasure in hidden chests. The thief simulator offers it all. You can choose your difficulty - you challenge yourself. This game has four levels: Normal, Medium, Hard, and Madness. You will get more rewards for being harder. Extra content such as loot, enemies and treasure chests. Secret places, fun, and more. BLACK MARKET This is the place where you can find the most advanced thief equipment and tools in the city. Tools include Hacking Kits, Spy Cams, Lockpicks and Sensors as well as Master keys, Lockpicks and Sensors. Purchase gadgets such as Stun grenades or Stun mines. You can also buy clothing and boosters that will increase your burglary attributes such as stealth, speed, and health.
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