Police Cop Simulator. Gang War

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Author: MobGames3D
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.0
Size: 36M
Version: 3.1.5
Try on the function of a true police officer! Stop and check pedestrians for illegal files and prohibited items, as well as automobile drivers and traffic violators. Arrange exciting police pursuit for violators, but remember to execute the regular work of a simple police officer preserving law and order in town. You only graduated from the Police Academy, and also youre assigned to the particular town. Historically the town has several gangs, and also the local police chief is attempting to maintain a delicate balance, but difficulties in the connection of the gangs collect, few could forget old grievances, a true gang war will come shortly! Relationships with gangs and civilians depend on your actions, as well as that gangs can get real influence in town and crush the rest of the gangs! Develop your personality and increase your ranking! Like any police officer, you've got two ways illegal and legal. It's likely to fine violators of a law and order rigorously, then on the next check your works will be approximated by the government and you are cheated by marketing, along with bonuses. And you're able to be more cunning and take bribes to help gangs in their dark Affairs, as well as sell signs on the black market. Only you can choose which way to pick: the correct and lengthy dishonest, but quicker. Characteristics of match: greater than 40 cars from technical to civil 3 types of automobile control in pursuit of their offender Complete Guarantee of the patrol police car from headlights to siren Three types of camera if driving a car in police pursue Choosing the overall look of the chief character Five police automobiles, as well as different sets of civilian clothes for your personality! Saved from cadet to captain More than 18 police patrol cars from sedans to jeeps Two manners of personality growth good and wicked policeman Various gadgets indispensable for the police (enhanced baton, body armor, cameras, etc.) A wide assortment of weapons, equally cold and firearms: from batons and pistols to shotguns and rifles Unique inspection methods for pedestrians and automobiles The system of police calls in the dispatcher (the pursuit of a stolen automobile, registration of an traffic accident)) Realistic car physics auto accident system, speedometer, fuel level control Find out the life span of a police officer in the inside: get paid, get ready for testimonials of the government, fines and bonuses The system of tuning cars (auto painting/change disks/spoilers/regulation of suspension) Wonderful story, that is tied to the war of gangs and police The intelligent system of town services: the wounded are picked up by ambulance and taken to the hospital, and the arrested offenders are picked up by the paddy wagon and brought to the police channel of gameplay, showing all the allure of the lifestyles of regular policeman Are you fond of their police? Do you enjoy exciting police pursuit for violators? Wanted to feel like a true police officer and move all the way from the cadet to the captain of the police station? Gang War Is The Selection!
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