Albert and Otto

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Author: Mokuni LLC
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.5
Size: 32M
Version: 1.1
Within this first episode The Adventure Begins the participant is pitched headfirst into a haunting world set in 1939 Germany in search of a mysterious girl with rabbit ears. Clues regarding who she is and what happened to her are all sprinkled throughout the game in the form of drawings made in place titles and shards that the participant must piece together. However the participant is not alone with this particular adventure, help comes in the shape of the girls magical rabbit, Otto. The participant must use both Albert and Otto in creative techniques to combat a gruesome world. At the beginning of the narrative, Albert could take and jump, while Otto can fit through tight openings and hold down power switches. But togetherthey unlock new skills such as a double jump, levitation, management of electrical currents, and more as the narrative unfolds. Characteristics - Special mechanic utilizing a small bunny which the participant can take around or depart and/or remotely command in order to solve puzzles. -A narrative that is motivated by dark events buried in our background and isn't spoon fed into the participant but spans across 3 episodes and is told through a child's drawings and hints sprinkled throughout the game which force the participant to think outside the box. -Levitate sheepuse them as programs to swim on, a flashlight to light a dark cave or as a diversion for wolves while you create a fast escape. -Experience a mixture of slow paced thought provoking puzzle design and quick Unforgiving gauntlet sections. -Come face to face with intimidating larger than life mechanical creatures and outsmart them. Customer Care
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