Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game

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Author: Neon Play
Category: Games, Casual
Rating: 4.1
Size: 99M
Version: 1.25.2
Become a army general and profit from the troops by managing your army base game such as a tycoon. Use the cash and gold gains you make to invest and boost your troops and also unlock new zones within this idle game. Then go to war and then conquer the world enjoy a tycoon capitalist and become rich with the idle gains and cash you can make. FEATURES Automate the troops training to invest and boost your idle game income. Dont idel, but idle! Earn idle cash and earn profit, even when you are offline in this game - such as a tycoon! Hire army supervisors for your idle army foundation to enlarge your troops motivation and work Enjoy the experience, no need to click and tap or become a tapper or even a clicker within this game. Become a army idle foundation millionaire or just a billionaire! Boost your army empire such as a tycoon and become rich with plenty of cash and gold! Profit from updating your game zones and hiring additional troops to train to become rich! Just like a simulation game, use the perfect idle tycoon game plan to make cash and profit. This isn't a clicker or tapper game, you simply should invest as a tycoon on your army foundation, to earn more cash, gold and profit to put money into your army and troop empire to command and conquer the entire world. Enjoy the experience! Increase your earnings, cash, gold and profit - either online or offline earnings. Build your idle millionaire empire by investing in the ideal zones and idle troops, and that means you can make profit and increase the workflow within this idle boss game - a bit like an internet clicker simulator, but no need to tap or click. Gain cash funds, gold and revenue inside this army tycoon simulation game That is war! This isnt something traditional like a supermarket, mine, police station, TV channel or rollercoaster journey! That is an idle army foundation and as a supervisor, youre likely to become rich as a capitalist millionaire tycoon - wealth or full, gold and cash. No internet connection needed to play with this idle tycoon empire game Automate your idle troops by investing in supervisors so your can make profits like a tycoon Profit like a tycoon from rich money investments to improve your economy, win cash and become a rich millionaire No necessity to battle here as you ship your idle troops off to war to make big gold and cash. That is no ordinary money idle game. Places to unlock comprise: EXERCISE YARD - no time to idle here - do sit ups such as a thriving millionaire tycoon! URBAN WARFARE - can you afford to SWAT your manner?! Like being in the police. JUNGLE WARFARE - its an adventure in the jungle using a capitalist copter at your disposal ARCTIC WARFARE - game onprofit from the snow stealth HEAVY MACHINE GUN - listen to the tap, tap, tap of hefty machine-guns HEAVY ARTILLERY - click, click, click, boom, boom! Unlock the huge guns! CHEMICAL WARFARE - not any mines , but put on your mask. TANKS - a tank casing can earn a mine shaft with a large tap, tap, tap - a lot of prestige! DESERT WARFARE - racing, racing, racing your way round the desert course NAVAL WARFARE - you might need to be a tycoon to afford a boat, but that might help your become an army foundation aide EXPLOSIVE TRAINING - manage your grenades with cash within this idle game. You dont need to go to prison because of this one! PARATROOPER - your development from a cadet is going to be needed because you free fall from the airplane and land in the goal zone. Tycoons need not apply! OBSTACLE COURSE - a true experience for you idle capitalists around - life is a rollercoaster within this army foundation tycoon simulator game.
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