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Author: NetEase Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 3.7
Size: 71M
Version: 1.3
Welcome for Disorder. The year is 2030, and warfare has become the new international norm. In an ongoing battle for atomic weapons and the spoils of war, several factions meet each other over the battle. Within this constant war, justice and sin are intertwined and no one escapes the undercurrent of violence. As an elite soldier, that the time has come for you to take up arms and fight along with your teammates! A massive array of rich rewards, like characters, outfits and supplies, have been included. Wish you an unprecedented group shooter experience! IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE All-new near-future locations, like Ruins, Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have been built for war themed conflicts. As a soldier in this planet, you are able to pledge your loyalty to three very different factions: Pale Knights, Ghost Puppets, and Cadaver Unit, together having much more to be revealed. Every member of the armed factions has his/her own comprehensive backstory for you to uncover. Good or evil, the decision is all up to you! UNIQUE CHARACTERS Scout, move, defense, service. . .characters are classed into various roles, allowing for excellent freedom and diversity in team setup. They are not just differentiating between character, appearance and rear story, but also unique skillsets and weapon loadouts forms too. Its up to you to control the tempo of a conflict in which the chances might be reversed at any moment. UPGRADE IN BATTLE Gain EXP and credits out of mercenary or player killing. With diversified alternatives, you can update the weapon and capacity to adapt to the battlefield. Strengthen yourself from the landing point till you are prepared to try to take control of the Missile Silo. MULTI-MODE AVAILABLE ULF, Base Battle, Multi-Base Battle are core game modes, with much more to come. For your ULF map, then you want to work together with your teammates and establish a plan of action to occupy and safeguard the areas missile silo. On the road to success, every decision and bullet issues. In Base Battle and Multi-base Battle, close combat happens and scenarios could be shifted by second. SEASON 0 KICKS OFF Season 0 is coming! Presenting a brand-new Season Ranking System and generous Season Pass benefits. Get prepared to demonstrate your power as you fight other players to your win! SQUAD UP AND RULE THE FIELD Team up with teammates to compete against enemy collections. Go straight to the missile silo or degree up safely to take bases down one by you? It is all around strategical cooperation with your own team mates! Think on your feet, find alternative strike strategies and adapt your lineup is with the exact same value to grab success. Inform us Official Website: www.playdisorder.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/playdisorder Discord: https://discord.gg/disorder Twitter: twitter.com/disorderen YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/Disordergame
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