Cyber Hunter Lite

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Author: NetEase Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.0
Size: 101M
Version: 0.100.335
Cyber Hunter Lite is now available. Cyber Hunter Lite is half the size as the regular version. It is better suited for low-end phones that have small storage. Both the Lite and normal versions share identical character data, maps, and feature sets. Wanderers: You can login to both versions with the same account. Your participation is greatly appreciated! A Letter of Openness to All Wanderers Dear Wanderer. Cyber Hunter's development team. Let us introduce Cyber Hunter. Cyber Hunter is an next-generation mobile sandbox game. You'll find a variety of elements in this game, such as survival, shooting and exploration, skill development, skills, and even parkour. It's an entirely new experience in gaming. This game is about the future after brain-computer interfacing technology became highly advanced. During which great events began to occur, this game tells that story. Justice meets evil. The new is against the old. The forces of conservatism and radicalism clash. All our heroines and heroes have a superpower thanks to quantum droids. They can turn quantum cube energies into any tactical support device that they require. Quantum Barriers and optical camouflage are just a few of the many options available. You can also build medical instruments that heal squad mates and a detection that warns you about approaching enemies. It is up to you which skills will be most helpful in any given battle. A vertical combat strategy has even been developed. Parkour features such as climbing, rolling and gliding allow players to experience vertical combat on many terrains, including deserts, mountains and swamps. The arena where your fights take place is not just a large, flat area. It's a virtual world that allows you to fly high and go underground. There are also a variety of exploration points spread throughout the globe. You can visit temples located in desert areas and find E-Cores that unlock new weapons and skills. You can find gloves to increase your climbing speed among the wreckage of robots. Cyber Hunter is a way for you to have fun gaming. We also hope you enjoy the sandbox contests. We are still working on improving the game. However, there may be some issues with your computer, such as slowdowns or occasional reboots. Features include: -- Bright characters with similar faces. With the next-generation facial shaping technology and more than 100 cosmetic designs available, you can create vivid and distinct heroes. It is possible to create your own tactical plan -- Use the sky to find what you are looking for. Parkour is a fast-paced, free sport that allows you to glide in the air, jump into deep waters, roll and climb. You can explore and battle in the sandbox, which includes 100-meter high water falls and desert temples. This world has many weapons.
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