DomiNations Asia

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Author: Big Huge Games, Inc.
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 3.5
Size: 77M
Version: 9.970.971
DomiNations allows you to dominate the entire world, and fight through various areas of history. As you build your empire, command countries and make them flourish from small villages to large cities. You can even battle for the title of one of the greatest civilizations in the history of the globe! Choose from a variety of nations to play strategy games and then embark on historical campaigns that will advance through history. Every civilization from the Romans through the Japanese Emprie has its strengths and distinctive units. Start as an early settlement, and build a nation. Then, grow throughout the centuries, from the beginning of history up to today. Learn war strategy and technology from history's greatest minds at the University like Leonardo Da Vinci or Catherine the Great. Create technology using historically accurate advances and build Wonders of the World. You can build your army and test it against others in PvP combat. Or, you may form alliances with other players to take over the entire world in DomiNations. DOMINATIONS FEATURES WAR OF NATIONS: CHOOSE A NATION TO DIRECT AN ARMY. Conquer the globe as one of eight fearsome nations on their journey through history. Select one of the greatest civilizations in history, such as the Romans or the Chinese, French and Germans. As you progress through history, take on historic battle campaigns and collect valuable resources. You can build a strong base to defend your country ONLINE. Become an Alliance and wage World War! Put your Nation's power and capabilities to the test and take down your enemy cities. You will fight for vital resources and untold riches, as well as total global dominance. Forge an unstoppable Alliance by joining forces with skilled rulers. You can unleash the power of your army with an innovative battle strategy that will outwit and surpass your adversaries in Alliance warfare 50-on-50. Take the world by storm in World War II and win the war spoils! STRATEGIZE WITH HISTORICAL FIGURES Learn how to strategize with historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Great. Develop a war strategy to strengthen your nation! WAR GAMES: BATTLE FROM the STONE AGE to the SPACE AGE Guide a group of early hunters and gatherers as they conquer the various ages, from the beginning of civilisation through modern times. Create a tiny civilization that can be developed into a bustling metropolis. You will build historic Wonders of the World including iconic landmarks such as the Pyramids of Egypt or the Roman Colosseum. DON'T MISS OUT ON NEW TECHNOLOGIES Brian Reynolds, a legendary game designer and historian brings the past to life. Key advances from every period will aid you in building your great civilization. You can research civilizations and invent new weaponry. As you become stronger, create a war strategy that will help to strengthen your defenses. NEW EVENTS Strategist games that have fun, limited-time goals and are based on historical events. You can collect rare rewards that will help you Nation to conquer the globe! Create one of the greatest civilisations in history and devise a strategy for defeating your enemies. DomiNations is looking for alliances to achieve global dominance! Start building your civilization now!
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