Gun Club Armory

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Author: The Binary Mill
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.9
Size: 32M
Version: 1.2.8
Lock and load with all Gun Club Armory: the finest weapon simulation adventure for mobile devices. An arsenal of exceptionally detailed and interactive 3D firearms are all yours to modify, loadfire within this pristine weapon sim. REAL-WORLD SIMULATION Each weapon is a faithful recreation of its real world counterpart, and all firearms are totally interactive. You're able to load decorations, fold stocks, correct the flame select, cock the hammer, discharge and more - every weapon is exceptional. CUSTOMISE Each weapon also includes a selection of accessories included. Stocks, bipods, scopes, laser sights, grenade launchers, prolonged mags, plus a variety of camo choices. And should you want to test the truth of your weapon, you can take it into the live-fire target range and check it out to a selection of different target types. Construct your STOCKPILE The app includes a host of weapons to select from, such as nine free firearms to get you started, STARTER WEAPONS G18 Pistol Eagle AE Pistol MP5-A3 M-80 Shotgun Striker Shotgun G36-K AK-47 Vintorez AWSM Sniper Rifle Added packs will be included on a regular basis. To start things off, we have just two WWII packs and this release introduces the newest Russian Spetsnaz pack ALLIED WEAPONS M1911 PPSh-41 M1 Garand M1918-A2 M1897 Trench Gun Sten Mk IIS M1928-A1 AXIS WEAPONS Luger 9mm P-38 MP-40 STG-44 FG-42 Kar-98K MG-42 SPETSNAZ WEAPONS MP-445 PP-2000 SR-2M Veresk PP-19 Bizon Saiga-12 AN-94 SVU-AS Many packs to come! Join us in for upgrades on potential releases!
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