Mystery of Fortune 2

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Author: Dotomchi Games Inc.
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.0
Size: 87M
Version: 1.61.6
Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth Installment of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. Here is the official sequel of SRPG Mystery of Fortune(2014). Research dungeons with your army and attempt to make the most efficient corps. You have to control your phone while enjoying! Attributes 1. 25 available units and more than 35 creatures. 2. Fight macro system which aids battles. 3. Altering class system enables you to acquire a variety of skills and approaches. 4. More gears and things to collect and equip. 5. Complete 85 dungeons in 14 countries to explore. Rules of this game . Every battle has been conducted automatically. The Player gat set up approaches and degree up units for the battle, prior to the battles starts. 2. You will need to prepare a fighting AI called battle macro to units before the battle begins. For example, you may set the best strategy for battles by building condition and run sentence like - Use ability when encounters enemy in close selection and Heal yourself once you dropped 50% HP. 3. In the Pub you see before you enter the dungeon, you can get some tips for your plan, employ new units, buy items and battle macro to prepare for another battle. 4. Once the battle begins, the Player spectates the battle. It is possible to use items to heal your own units or fill Ether when you need. 5. When your units clear enemies in the current wave, they automatically move into the next wave. In the event you lost each unit in the battle, exploration ends. 6. After the exploration ends, you receive gold and items that you could use to improve your units. The way to use cloud information save : Cloud saving overwrite information to your telephone, so your current information might be deleted. Using when you move information after changing device only is suggested. If your information is deleted during utilizing cloud-saving, it cannot be retrieved. Please pay careful attention. (Info before March 9, 2020 cannot be restored. Please store new info.) 1. Click on Game Pad button on your current device. 2. Sync saved information by clicking Save Data button. Dont close program or break the internet connection. Data might be lost. Provided that the procedure is stuck at 0% an excessive amount of time, close program and restart. 3. Click on Game Pad button in your altered device. 4. Click Load Data button and then sync stored information from servers. Dont close program or break the internet connection as same above. 5. When you begin program, previous stored information will be loaded. You can now play the game. Please sync stored info from clicking Save Data button to keep dropping your information. Please utilize Load Data once you newly change your mobile phone or lose stored data only. Company doesnt take responsible for rollback information by conducting Load Data in usual condition. This program support tablet style.
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