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Author: OneTwoApps
Category: Finance
Rating: 4.8
Size: 6.2M
Version: 8.9
The My Budget Book allows you to manage your money better by easily recording your income and expenses. You can track your accounts and project your future balances by using the individual transaction or recurring transactions features. With dynamic graphs and charts, you can visualize all your data. You can set budget limits and goals over specific time periods. Do you buy too many clothes? A monthly limit should be established. Don't spend too much coffee-to-go. A weekly budget should be established. How can you save for your dream vacation? For every 2 weeks, set a saving target. Limits for credit cards accounts and other types of payments can be set. For every amount owed, or saved you can toggle rollover to your budgets account. Highlights: No Internet access required to keep your private information secure. You can share your backups to cloud easily. * No hidden fees or advertising (only donations). You will find a variety of sorts and tabs in these comprehensive views. Visualize your data in tables and graphs to understand your expenses and income. You can manage multiple accounts, and transfer funds between them. To reflect your specific situation, customize your subcategories and categories. You can enable sorting to distinguish specific payment types, categories, persons, and groups. To make it easier to recall transaction details and reduce paper clutter, you can attach photos or receipts. To help ensure that you pay pending bills on time, use reminders. The month's beginning date should be determined based on the amount of your salary, e.g. The 1st and the 15th. Consolidate your expenses and your bank statement. To make transactions even simpler, create your own templates. Optional: Protect sensitive data by using a fingerprint or password. You can import existing bank statements or data using the CSV Import (other formats are available upon request). You can export your data in HTML, Excel or CSV format so that you can view and print them from your computer. You can have automatic backups to ensure that you don't lose any data. You can also create your own backups at any moment. Four widgets add convenience to your home screen. A comprehensive and integrated manual will help you get the best out of all the features. If you don't see it, you can always contact support by e-mail. There is not an Internet permission. This again, due to security concerns. The integrated manual contains the chapter Synchronization. This allows you to use the app across multiple devices and to create automatic backups of your cloud. The My Budget Book app is currently under development. We are committed to improving the user experience. You are welcome to try the app out for one month. Send an email to get your money back if the app doesn't meet your requirements. Send an e-mail to the Support section if you have questions or comments.
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