Modern Age – President Simulator Premium

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Author: Oxiwyle
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.6
Size: 73M
Version: 1.0.32
Modern Age is a classic behavioural, economic, and military strategy, where you need to appear in the role of the president of the modern country. Are you ready to Be president of Russia or the USA? Perhaps Afghanistan will flourish under your principle? You can lead any modern state. Manage the condition, research new technologies, and enlarge your territory. Fight other countries and prove yourself as a smart president and successful military leader! Your civilization needs a strong leader! War System Annex states and kingdoms, send troops to catch resources. Construct a fleet, prepare army units, purchase or produce military equipment. Erect airfields, arsenals, barracks, and shipyards. Make the life span of your citizens safer and better. This will aid you: the police, the security support, the Ministry of Health, Education, Defense, Infrastructure, etc.. Diplomacy Sign non-aggression pacts, commerce agreements, construct embassies. Engage in UN work, put forward resolutions. Legislation and Religion Make legislation depending on the preferred path of civilization development. Choose the official religion of your state. Production and Trade Produce food and raw materials for the manufacture of goods. Get resources. Trade with other states. Taxes are you going to bet on production or high taxes? What's your strategy? And much more awaits you at the most epic game in the genre of military strategies for mobile devices! Are you prepared to be a president? Which route do you pick? Are you going to turn into a dictator or a gentle president? Your choice and your plan will be the trick to the prosperity and success of the country and the whole civilization. It's possible to play the game with no access to the Internet. Advantages of premium variant: 1. All modern states available two. No ads 3. +100% to day play rate button available
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