Stormfall: Saga of Survival

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Author: Plarium Global Ltd
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.2
Size: 59M
Version: 1.14.7
Survive, explore, and learn crafting and sorcery within this free-to-play survival MMORPG place from the high-fantasy Stormfall world. Once a distinguished master of Stormfall, you're betrayed in a fight for power. Banished, you should now craft a lifetime in exile and learn to live from the Eastern Marches - a desolate land of snowy peaks, early sorcery, forgotten ruins, and beasts on the hunt. You must fight off starvation, craft weapons such as hunting, construct shelter, and survive against corrupt beasts and fellow exiles. There will be a period for salvation, but You need to survive. Download now and join the battle within this hard MMORPG! Explore a brand new world and hunt down the secrets concealed within. *FEATURES* FIGHT AND HUNT You need to rise again to challenge your opponents and carve a place of your life. Craft and loot powerful weapons to brawl with woods beasts and corrupt creatures. Always be cautious and upward for a battle! Construct and CRAFT Explore and utilize anything you'll find to shield yourself. Find out how to craft new weapons, tools, and armor along your quest. Live with character and rejuvenate your supplies through hunting and looting. Build and increase your shield to be the master of the corner of the Eastern Marches. LEARN ARCANE SORCERY Challenge to find the secrets of magic. Craft runes which will power your firearms and give you a better opportunity to survive. Master the arcane arts of sorcery to wield it against those who stand on your way. EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN The shadowy forests and snowy mountains of the Eastern Marches are yours if you are brave enough for the challenge. Discover the secrets of arcane destroys, and hunt for loot, learn your grasp of this property, and explore new regions of the wildlands to find out about the potent magic which seeps throughout it. RESIST THE CURSE you aren't immune to the darkness in your quest to endure. You must guard yourself from the seductive magic and discover about the secrets of a goddess which can help you combat its own power. Will you be searching for this challenge? DISCOVER FACTIONS Meet Faction Ambassadors on your shield and find out about their secrets. Build your reputation by completing faction quests and grow up the positions of electricity. Decide if a calling is to be a Frontier Warden, Arcanist, or even Shadowmonger in this world! MASTER THE WILD you'll have to be one with the wilds to live. Tame a horse that will help you traveling and loot quicker. Build your courage and discover if you have it in you to have this quest. The enormous bad world is waiting. You can not hide on your shield forever. Are you ready to conquer it? DEFEAT THE DARKNESS The creatures above earth aren't the only challenge awaiting you. From the darkest reaches of the world you can find the most malicious of evils. Fight them into loot weapons and paintings imbued with the arcane sorcery of the ancients. BUILD YOUR CLAN That wick smoke over another mountain means only 1 thing - you aren't alone in this world. Outside your shelter, you will come across exiles and magic of the very curious form. How you deal with other exiles in your quest for survival is all up to you. PLEASE NOTE: Items will be available for sale within this game. Some paid items may not be refundable based on the type of item. Official Website: Service:] Neighborhood: Privacy Policy: provisions of Use:
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