Hospital Escape - Room Escape Game

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Author: Jusha
Category: Games, Puzzle
Rating: 4.5
Size: 309M
Version: 1.0.15
The interactive puzzle "Hospital Escape", which is first person, can be played in a single player. You will play the role of a psychologist and search for consciousness within the subconscious mind of the patient. The player can gather clues that will help them understand the motivations behind the disease and then try to bring back the consciousness of the patient. They may also discover the truth about their parents' death. Background of the game: In an ancient hospital, there was a depressing atmosphere in the ward. The yin wind surrounded the hospital like it blocked all outside light. Since he was a young child, Ye Xiu is able to access his subconscious mind. The parents were unable to remember their identities many years ago. The parents thought there was nothing to it, but they accidentally found the clues while undergoing treatment. Constant patients are deprived of their will to live. It's like they're walking dead. All truths will go with the patient who is unconscious. Ye Xiu will treat the patient while he lifts the veil of truth one by one. Interactive plot Features of this game: You will face moral dilemmas. Will you choose truth or death? You can find all kinds of strange patients waiting for you to treat them! Brain Burning Puzzle - This puzzle is rich in interesting and challenging ideas. Use your intelligence to conquer all challenges! There are many collections hidden around every corner. Are you ready collectors? Role Development Take part in various activities that improve your abilities and watch as you grow. Reality and consciousness are false or true, and you're a scavenger that drifts between reality and consciousness.
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