Exile Survival – Craft, build, fight with monsters

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Author: Pride Games
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.2
Size: 141M
The flourishing lands of Exile Survival were torn apart when callous gods unleashed bloody massacre on every other leaving the planet in ruins. Following the battle was finally finished, scarce survivors saw the catastrophic consequences they'd have to live with. Cities and counties reduced to bare wasteland, cultures retreated, life chucked back to its ancient form. You play as a lone exile discharged from his tribe and forced to battle his way to survival. Be ready to venture on a barbarous experience, explore mortal wasteland and confront the outcome of the bloody war. ORIGINAL SETTING. The world of Exile Survival is a unique mix of contrasts. Bright colours and lush visuals go together with harsh activity, barbarian brutality and gore. The more you dig into the sport, the better youll sense that the authentic, harsh and bloody core of normal survival in wasteland. STUNNING VISUALS. Fight for the survival from magnificent topnotch graphics. The special and attractive visuals of Exile Survival will satisfy even the most critical pros while being superbly optimized and prepared to easily run on many of modern devices. Dive into bloody action and brutal gore, render the optimization to us! BUILD YOUR OWN CLASS. Instead of cornering you at a rigorous set of preformed classes Exile Survival provides you a blank test and provide to build your very own special survivor. Explore hundreds of unique skills, combine them as you want and craft your own way of playing. LUSH LOCATIONS. Exile Survival shows that the planet buried in ruins can stun you with diversity and beauty. Explore mortal desert wasteland, fight your way through menacing dungeons and take part in savage action in disrupted remains of cities that are overburdened. The future upgrades will further accentuate the ingame places and take your survivor to the snow-bound mountain selections, chasmal ocean and much more. BUILD YOUR BASE. Build your base to become stronger, craft all of the necessary materials to turn your humble house to a real fortress. Leave the barbarous world outside while you're able to craft, build and evolve your archery behind the holy walls of your own shelter. Exile Survival supplies you with a unique and refreshing way of getting new armor and weapons. You dont have to take your opportunities with boss drops anymore. Now what's in your hands! Explore various places to assemble resources and craft whatever armor or weapon you need at the moment. Dont wait for a blessed fall, craft the greatest equipment yourself! BLOOD AND GORE AT THE TOUCH OF YOUR FINGERTIPS. Brutal skirmishes, bloody deaths, magnificent fights and torn of limbs. Exile Survival doesnt play around, it dives into the brutal world of bloody barbaric activity. You fight with the best you can to live or you die in the hand of your enemies. INTUITIVE CONTROLS. Exile Survival brings the classic hack-n-slash action RPG experience to the mobile platform. The intuitive controls let you fight through hordes of enemies, perform magnificent fatalities and build the combo lever as if you have been the survivor yourself. No longer muddy ports, hack wash cuts with clean controls. UPCOMING ONLINE CO-OP PVP MULTIPLAYER. Exile Survival isn't just another hack-n-slash activity RPG but a product of love. The future content upgrades hold massive new features with internet multiplayer style being one of the most important one. Perform with friends in CO-OP PVE style or join with Clan and fight other survivors in barbarous PVP. The more victories you achieve, the simpler itll be to endure. FB: www.facebook.com/ExileSurvival Instagram: www.instagram.com/exile_survival
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