Gunship Sequel: WW2

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Author: Phanotek, Inc
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.3
Size: 39M
Version: 5.3.9
Experience famous air battles of the World War 2. Gunship Sequel: WW2 brings realistic combat flight simulation expertise to mobile platforms using 360 degrees detail-realistic cockpits, company operation, multi-player conflict, arcade/historic/realistic modes and more... Characteristics Midway, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and New Guinea map, along with also the newest Europe theater. Flyable aircrafts: * P-35 Seversky * P-40 Warhawk * P-39 Airacobra * P-38 quad * P-47 Thunderbolt * F-4U * F4F Wildcat * F6F Hellcat * SBD Dauntless * Hudson Mk-1 * B-25 * B-26 * A5M4 Claude * Ki-43 Oscar * Ki-61 Hien * A6M2 Zero * B5N1 * BF109E * BF109F * JU-87 Stuka * BF-110 * Spitfire Mk-1 * Hurricane Mk-1 * Hampden Mk-1 Longer aircrafts coming shortly...
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