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Author: PhotoPills, SL
Category: Photography
Rating: 4.8
Size: 9.2M
Version: 1.7.5
Your creative potential is at your fingertips! Learn how to turn every Sun, Moon, and Milky Way scene into a photograph and get amazing photos each time you grab the camera. PhotoPills is the perfect app for you, whether your passions are to photograph beautiful landscapes or immortalize the endless night sky. PhotoPills, your all-in-one app for photography matters. This app provides delicious solutions to most questions regarding planning and shooting creative ideas. You may not be able to use a compass on some devices. PhotoPlans Manager – Location Scouting Tool Key Information: Sunrise/set and Twilights. Supermoon dates. Moon Calendar. Calculators: Long Exposure. Timelapse. Spot Stars. Star Trails. Hyperfocal Table. DoF. FoV. Widgets. Sun, Moon, Milky Way. PhotoPills Awards. And much more. This tool, which has been endorsed by Masters PhotoPills, is an indispensable one that I use whenever I plan a shoot. Mark Gee is the Astronomy Photographer Award Winner. This is a tool that every photographer needs. This tool pays dividends! This tool allows us to quickly plan powerful shots. Jos B.Ruiz is the Wildlife Photographer Award winner. * What it does "I would have taken a fantastic photo!" But what about the Sun? The Milky Way and the Sun? Now you have the ability to let your imagination run wild and determine when that magic moment occurs in just seconds. - IMAGINE: The Milky Way rising above a vast landscape or a huge full Moon emerging from behind nearby hills. Your imagination is the only limitation! You can easily find the date and the time that the scene you have imagined will occur using PLAN. Do it smarter and not harder. You can simply get outside, enjoy the outdoors and capture unique moments. We know how much you love your photographs and the amount of effort it takes to capture them. They are worthy of our respect and we want to SHOW the world. We will also reward you with cash prizes up to $6,000. It is easy, and it's free! Simply submit your photos to PhotoPills. Join the Legacy! Don't miss an opportunity to capture a memorable scene! Create a To Do list with planned shots and arrive on-time. Make sure you get it just right Before you start shooting, adjust your frame to ensure the perfect composition. To see if the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way are in the right position to press the shutter button on the 3D Augmented Reality views. Discover new places, create your own location database, and explore them all. Widgets allow you to access all your daily information with just one swipe. You can swipe from the top to see all of the Sun, Moon, and Milkyway events, as well as your future photo plans. * More than just an app. Our aim is to not only help you plan, but to also help you get them right. You can find help in our How-To videos and articles, or contact us. You have one chance. There is no going back after this. The story is over when you take the blue pill. You can lie down in bed, believe what you like and go to sleep. PhotoPills allow you to stay in Wonderland, and show you just how far the rabbit hole can go. All we offer are Legendary Photos, Goosebumps on your skin and nothing else.
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