The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe!

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Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 3.3
Size: 79M
Version: 1.7.3
Craft a pixel paradise or destroy the world with your Godly 8 bit touch in The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art world building game. Build a world thats custom crafted for fun, using advanced physics, within 170 components and completely controllable characters. Craft a pixel dungeonpuzzle, puzzle, city or anything in between - In The Sandbox Evolution, your world can be around 10x larger than in the original Sandbox game. Create a game, make pixel art, or craft worlds together with ambient lifetime, traps, platforms and even enemies. The world is yours to build in The Sandbox Evolution. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination! Ghostbusters go back to The Sandbox Evolution! Snap up the 4 heroines, Ghosts and campaign for a limited time only! The Sandbox Evolution Features: BUILD A WORLD PIXEL BY PIXEL - Craft a pixel world from scratch, or use templates - Tap to drop components, pinch to zoom & pan to scroll - Build worlds around 10x larger than in the prior Sandbox game UNLEASH ELEMENTS - 170 components can be mixed and matched for unique consequences - Manipulate Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, Lava and much more CREATE LIFE - Playing God starts with a tap. Add Dogs, Bears, Sabertooth Tigers and more to your world - Create trees and plants to add beauty to your world - Craft a city with Houses, Castles and Igloos - Create dynamic life on your world with AI Humans BUILD YOUR CIVILIZATION - Craft wonders like the Parthenon and Giza Pyramid - Diversify your civilization with characters from around the world DESTROY THE WORLD OR CREATE NEW TECHNOLOGY - Destroy it all with C4, Meteorites, Nitro, TNT and maybe a Nuke - Craft tech like Batteries, Crosswires, Bulbs, LEDs, Sensors and much more PIXEL ART & 8-BIT MUSIC - Pixel art maker is simple and fun - 8 mini pixel art drawing 100+ colors - Create retro chiptune songs BUILD A GAME OF YOUR OWN - Craft game components like 4x4 pixel blocks, platformsand portals, traps and enemies - Video game maker features controllable hero characters such as instant testing - Take Arnold, fly with Fujin and much more - Create your own game with 8bit pixel platformer amounts in less than a moment BUILD A RUNNER GAME - Runner Campaign with speedy new levels - Create your personal runner game with fresh extra extended maps - Runner Heroes allow you to double jump and hover BROWSE & SHARE ONLINE - Share your own worlds together with other players - Search worlds by keyword or by tags (pixel art, audio and arcade, etc.) - Filter by the Newest or Hottest creations - Rate your favorites and have inspired - Practice your favorite Players and Leading Creators - Bookmark your favorite levels to jumpstart them anytime - Save and Sync advancement on line with Facebook or Email - Leaderboards for amounts Can you rank #1? CHALLENGE CAMPAIGNS & DAILY QUESTS - See the world get created within 13 campaign amounts - Investigate a prehistoric world, combating Bears and Wolves using the Caveman - Pixel art tutorials in the zen drawing Pixel Art Campaign - Daily Quests: Challenge the very best levels. Build your own for a chance to be featured - Gather loot and use new power-ups like Turbo Boost NATURAL DISASTER GAMES - Disasters Campaign: A new campaign based on real natural disasters - Tornado: Guide the tornado and blow the world away (literally) - Earthquake: Shake it up using the epicenter generator - Lightning: Take lightning in the palms - Nuke: Drop the ultimate bomb JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF 740,000 FANS! - Inform us on Twitter: - Just Much like us on Facebook: Each new Update of The Sandbox Evolution will attract even more components, heroes and campaigns! Youll see nobody could dream a greater world than yours! Download The Sandbox Evolution and build your world today!
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