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Author: Playdigious
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.1
Size: 507M
Version: 1.5
Special 30% discount on the launch price Northgard, a strategy game that is inspired by Norse mythology allows you to control Clans of Vikings who are fighting for control over a new continent. After many years of relentless explorations, the brave Vikings discovered a new country filled with danger, riches, and mystery: NORTHGARD. These brave Northmen set sail on their most daring expeditions to conquer and explore new shores. They also bring glory to Clans and make history by trading or conquest. If they are able to survive the wrathful Undead Warriors and dire Wolves that roam the North, or befriend the giants and endure the most severe winters in North history, then this is possible. FEATURES Set up your settlement in the new continent of Northgard. Assign your Vikings various tasks (Farmer ...)Warrior Sailor Loremaster). Manage your resources well and overcome vicious foes. Expand your territory and find unique strategic opportunities. Achieve different victorious conditions (Conquest. Fame. Lore. Trading ...). STORY MODE. RIGS SAGA. Hagen murders the Viking High King and steals his Regal Horn. The event launches a story that takes Rig, his son-in-law and heir along with Brand to the new continent Northgard. This is the continent on which he will meet new people and enemies, as well as discover an even greater threat to Hagen and his father's murder. PLAYER CAN CHOOSE A CLAN To complete each of the eleven campaign chapters, the player must master 6 of the first clans to tame Northgard's unforgiving wilderness. Northgard is seeing more clans join the cause! Clan of the Snake - Act in the shadows to take the initiative Clan of the Dragon : Use cunning guerilla strategies Clan of the Dragon : Harness the power of the sea and make it a force for good Clan of the Kraken : Unlock the clans of the Snake and Dragon separately or with the Scale Bundle. Clan of the Horse - Learn blacksmithing skills and create powerful Relics Clan of the Ox : Empower your forefathers with ancestral gear Clan of the Lynx : Follow Nature's lead and lure mythical preys to ambushes Clan of the Ox, Clan of the Horse and Clan of the Lynx can be unlocked separately or in conjunction with the Fur Bundle.
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