Rage Road - Car Shooting Game

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Author: SayGames
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.7
Size: 78M
Version: 1.3.7
If you're able to keep your mind Its chaos out there on the open road! Homicidal maniacs in a frenzy of rage, dividing the highway from tricked-out cars and vans in pursuit of YOU! Crouched in the back of a pickup with only your gun and your special-agent training to see you through, can you endure the hailstorm of bullets and unlimited onslaught of racing enemy vehicles? If you can keep your mind when everyones gunning for this, then Rage Road could only be the game for you divert from the hip at break-neck speed! Hybrid technology: Specific gameplay combining race and shooter components for maximum action and excitement. As your opponents storm behind you, then use your sharp-shooting abilities to carry them out until they get close enough to gun down you or blow up you. Safety features: Get your aim just right and you may shoot up numerous enemies, in addition to causing spectacular collisions that bring down many vehicles at once. Intelligent design: Over 80 strategic shooter levels that ask you to rely on your bullets and organize your shots depending on the sort of vehicle and number of passengers. Total levels to earn money and crystals that you're able to spend on upgrades for your truck, your gun and your personality. Great in-car amusement: Fun graphics and a banging soundtrack to keep you entertained and energized as you smash your enemies, plus 11 different places, each with color variations to make sure you will won't get bored from the back seat. Reliability problems: As in case the endless flow of psychotic highway bandits wasnt enough, between levels youll have to deal with the sardonic opinions of your glamorous supervisor, whos not at all impressed with all this reckless road rage. Superior equipment levels: 13 special weapons to gather and choose from pistols into SMGs to assault rifles using a total of 45 different skins. Power, reload speed and magazine size all differ from gun to gun, and therefore find the weapon that best fits your playing style and the demands of each particular level. If you snipe em, blast em! Choice of trimming: Update your vehicle with a crazy assortment of aftermarket addons and paint projects. Work on yourself, too, with 4 different components of your characters outfit to update and match, taking you out of a sober secret representative to a flamboyant green-haired highway warrior. Ultimate functionality: 4 forms of hard-to-kill boss in powerful customized vehicles to truly test your shoot-from-the-hip abilities. No respect for your highway code! Those maniacs are breaking the rules of the road left, right and center! Come , broker, its your assignment to make them pay! Bring them with discounted tyres, busted motors, and exquisite multiple kills. Take out those neer-do-wells in design and also bring some law and order back to Rage Road inside this all-action highway experience.
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