Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences

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Author: Rawhand Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.5
Size: 40M
Version: 1.21.0
This case is very important to S 'S', who lost her only relative in a case of button murder. That was the only reason S 'S' became a detective. With S, investigate the crime scene and make an arrest! You will need to find the evidence at the crime scene. Use the information that you've gathered and guess who the criminal is. Detective S: The guessing game with Find the Differences Escape! SYNOPSIS S was a detective in order to find his father, "R." Ten years earlier, he was murdered by a serial killer and became a detective to avenge his father "R". The police could not uncover the truth. S feels incompetent police officers. S was a well-known detective and later discovered a wooden button that had a serpent carved on it. It looked exactly like the one found in R’s possessions. S receives an unexpected message while she is investigating a case that revolves around the wooden button. This clue was only discovered five years ago. Five years later, the "tree buttons" have remained in many locations in unsolved murders. Mr. S sets out to track down the criminal. Escape from the clich! These are the details of the crime scene. Let's go to the police station! The suspect has already fled! The crime scene and the possessions of suspects. Find out the difference between the up- and down crime scenes. Collect evidence. There are many characters and mystery stories to make your heart pound. Let's learn more about the relationships between them through our webtoons. Through the conversation that takes place with characters, we can establish a relationship with victims. We also learn about evidence at the crime scene. Interrogations will reveal the secrets hidden in the cases! You are the real detective. Arrest system. This is not a regular game of Find the Differences. One suspect is the criminal. The murder weapon of the killer and evidence symbolizing resentment from evidence obtained through the photo game are the clues to the arrest. Webtoons reveal the truth about this case! You can see the entire story in webtoons, each chapter. Every chapter has a webtoon which shows the progression of the case from the beginning. Your story will be more vivid. Enjoy the game and have fun!
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