Sdorica: Season 3 brings new legends!

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Author: Rayark International Limited
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.3
Size: Varies with device
Version: 3.6.0
Fantasy Tactical RPG Games Legend says that once the earth was completely black and all there was was one dragon. The giant dragon gave the human race eternal life, but they were deprived of their liberty... Those who had been enslaved finally woke up. The knight "Vendacti", a Knight from the Orient, was determined to defeat fate. A Story of Heroes and Heroines - Meet various beasts and a obstinate damsel. Also, a swordsman of the Orient and a merchant who carries firearms. Get started building your favourite character. To protect the kingdom of Angelia the princess royal, follow Leah the demigod with rabbit ears to enter Rune Academy and learn Rune Magic! You can collect Magnificent Characters. Kittyeyes is the Onmyoji-style character; Yamitsuki the murderer who wears a Kimono; Fredrica the beautiful witch that wants to get married; Law who claims to be a Grand Master in martial arts; and so on. Explore continent Vendacti with these amazing characters! A variety of unique gameplay modes Sdorica, a tactical fantasy RPG, is the best. It uses the traditional team combination of support, attacker and tank. To cast spells and save the world, you can strategically remove the orbs. You can also breed adorable monsters and you have the option to work with guild members and friends. You are sure to enjoy this exciting, tactical and fascinating gameplay experience! The epic, massive storyline of Sdorica is a unique tale with an unparalleled worldview. Season 1 is set in the corrupt Kingdom of the Sun, which appears perfect from the outside, but there's darkness within. Season 2 explores the Desert Kingdom, which is constantly consumed by the flames of conflict. We've invited Japanese CVs to voice each character. This is in addition to the engaging storyline. This tactical RPG game is free to download.
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