Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D

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Author: Blue Arrow Games
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.7
Size: 84M
Version: 20.0
In this FPS pocket edition you're able to utilize multiply block firearms (from axes into sniper) and perform with friends on amazing maps! Pick your weapon and begin your duty causing havoc and destruction in this conflict thorn surroundings of Pixel Fury! + Earn points to unlock new pixel guns & characters! + Choose between different amazing FPS sport modes of DEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH and CAPTURE THE FLAG! + Customize your personality with VAST SELECTION OF DIFFERENT SKINS! + Perform on AWESOME MULTIPLAYER MAPS IN 3D that are all UNLOCKED! + Cause HAVOC: Twist grenades, sniper the enemy, then shoot bazooka! Soldier! You need to free your whole fury and craft a bulletproof strategy to survive in these types of mass destruction. Which weapon would be you really going to select for survival? Different block firearms have different abilities, would it be best to kill the enemy with a close up combat knife or build a pistol for that? Sniper him from a distance or telephone extinguish into his survival using a bazooka? In this modern shooter sport, sniper is wonderful for city maps and it's a wonderful firearm in group deathmatches. Even though cops team runs into the robbers hordes with block knifes, kalashnikovs blazing and RPG roaming, it is possible to eliminate enemies in stealth mode. Another wicked craft would be to wait for the robbers to collect up in town center and blast them off using a missile weapon. Or you may use a close combat weapon in the fast paced town fights to choose the robbers out from a brief range. You need to always increase in this shooting sport, the more wars you survive the more powerful you get. After each duty you may increase in expertise, which lets you craft new weapons n skins. Purchase modern weapons & fps enhancers such as armor, ammo and firepower for your firearms. It is possible to upgrade firearms to boost ammo capacity, accuracy and fire speed. There are a great deal of different skins in this pixel shooter, play as overall, zombie, boy or cop! Call your warfare skin sensibly, some skins work nicely for nighttime time maps, blending in with the battleground n increasing your odds of survival, a few just look really cool! You may blast the enemies in different worlds! There are fps maps that occur in a desert or town. You may shoot the robbers at night time in haven container fields or during a snowy day in an open stadium or even in space! Be wise choosing the ideal shooting game mode for you! During deathmatch wars you're able to shoot all opponents. Get your very best gun out n phone destruction. It is the survival of the fittest. But when trying to phone for team deathmatch, do your very best to assist your military commando! Fill your duty using a missile weapon or leap into shooter activity with a shotgun! Whenever you've chosen capture the flag mode you need to craft a smart strategy. Find the right balance between defending your commando outpost when trying to capture the robbers base. 1 war tactic would be to divide the cube military. 1 great block commando duty would be to move behind the enemy lines, shooting everyone in the town, while another commando will guard your flag in full honour! The conflict is yours! Experience a 3D warfare like never before! Cause immense havoc! Wide variety of fire arms provide you best & amazing shooting adventure for hours in this world of activity. Join Pixel Fury multiplayer 3D shooter on Google Play! And get your gun blazing in enormous FPS battle! Good luck, soldier! Visit https://www.facebook.com/PixelFury3D https://twitter.com/pixelfury3d
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