Alien Shooter TD

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Author: Sigma Team
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.6
Size: 44M
Version: 1.6.8
You must be careful downloading this game as you could end up escaping from reality for long periods of time and become completely consumed in protecting the Earth against the threat. Our innovative Tower Defense game is inspired by Alien Shooter! You will be able to build and defend your territory with towers, as well as manage a team of elite soldiers. Every one has their own specialization and unique characteristics, along with development opportunities. You can also equip any class of warriors you wish with the weapons of your choosing. Now the attack is underway. All armed forces have been mobilized. All over the globe, violent battles are taking place. Your role as commander in an elite soldier platoon puts you at the center of massive war events. You will decide whether the blood-hungry beasts or humanity win. This game is in line with Sigma's best practices. There are no compromises. Everything works exactly like it does in real life. The game is an exact representation of real life. Each weapon has a limited number of munitions, which must be replenished in combat. You can play absolutely for free and get daily supply boxes that contain ammunition, weapons coins, ammo, and other items. You won't see your enemies dead bodies - you will only find out what happens after each level is completed! There are seven character classes that each have their own unique traits and potential for development. There are hundreds of weapon options to equip troops, depending on your gaming preferences. You can modify any weapon by changing its fundamental features. It is possible to disassemble the weapon and obtain money as well as other supplies. You can send your troops for training so that they have a wide range of combat skills. You can combine different types of forces to create your own strategies for each mission. You can also use supply drones to temporarily replenish the munitions stock for combatants in a crisis situation. In keeping with our tradition, you will see unprecedented numbers of monsters and bloodshed, along with other interesting things, when you play our games from your device.
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